Feng Shui 2021: How to Attract Luck in the Year of the Metal Ox

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The year 2020 has been full of twist so far, what with the COVID-19 surprising us, shaking the world to its core. We have endured months of lockdown and social distancing, living in fear for ourselves and our families. Suffice to say, the year of the Metal Rat has given us a bumpy ride in general.

But as we near the end of 2020, what are we expecting from the year of the Metal Ox according to Feng Shui 2021? Is the year of the ox going to be a lucky year for us?

"The Ox Year coming marks the time to rebuild and adapt."

Fortunately, the stars tell us that 2021 will be a hopeful year this time. The Ox is a zodiac animal that represents stability. This year, the world will be more coping with the changes in the environment.

Paired with the Metal element, the year presents us with the endurance and sturdiness needed to surpass the challenges we’ll be facing.

As we enter a bold new world, the Ox’s traits of persistence and cautiousness will lead us. These will guide us to navigate correctly and carefully to live a better year, unafraid of the changes the new world brings.

The year of the Metal Ox is looking relatively brighter and more forgiving than the Rat Year. And to make the most of 2021, it’s time to observe the feng shui practices that may bring us luck in the coming year.


Feng Shui Tips to Attract Good Luck in 2021

Compatible Chinese Animal Signs: Rat, Snake, Rooster | Incompatible Chinese Animal Signs: Goat, Horse, Dog | Lucky Colors: White, Gray, Silver, Yellow, Blue


1. Wear the Lucky Color for 2021

lucky color for 2021

The lucky color for 2021 is associated with the Chinese zodiac animal and the element governing the year. For this year, the zodiac animal is Ox and the ruling element is Metal.

Below, we categorized the colors as the main lucky colors fortifying luck and balancing colors neutralizing energy deficiency. 

Main Lucky Colors Representing Metal: White, Gray, Silver

In feng shui, the colors most commonly associated with Metal are white, gray, and gold. However, since Metal is taking its Yin polarity this year, silver better represents the element than gold.

Main Lucky Colors Representing Ox: Yellow, Blue

Ox is the second animal in the Chinese zodiac that is associated with the Earth element. Earth is symbolized by yellow, which is the predominant color of the year. Blue is also considered lucky because Water is the secondary element of the Ox.

Balancing Colors for Protection: Green, Red

Since the dominant elements for Ox Year are Metal, Earth, and Water, the Wood and Fire elements will suffer from a deficiency in 2021. To make up for the imbalance, people will benefit from wearing the colors green and red. These colors will fill the energy gaps and protect you from the negative effects caused by the deficiency.

Wear the said colors to boost the energy of the ruling elements. It can be through the clothes you put on, the accessories you wear or the items you carry this year.

2. Use Feng Shui Lucky Charms

In Chinese traditions, there are various symbols that are traditionally used to improve the good chi (energy) around you. These symbols come in the form of luck charms to improve certain aspects of your life, including wealth, career, health, family, and love.

Here, we rounded up some feng shui charms based on the governing elements in the year of the Metal Ox.

Money Tree

money tree


The money tree is a feng shui cure to stimulate the flow of money in your space. Its leaves not only resemble the shape of coins, but they also represent the five elements of feng shui. To activate the wealth energy around you, place the money tree in the wealth area of your home. This is located in the southeast.

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Laughing Buddha

laughing buddha

The Laughing Buddha is more than just a happy image of the enlightened one. It is believed to be a symbol of many good things. Some beliefs tell that when you wish upon the Laughing Buddha with a positive attitude, it will grant your wishes. That’s why it has become a popular lucky charm to achieve abundance, prosperity, good health, happiness, and success.

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pixiu silver bracelet

Not many feng shui enthusiasts know about Pixiu. However, this does not make the creature of wealth any less potent. In fact, Pixiu has been a powerful feng shui bracelet used to attract and protect wealth since ancient times. Aside from that, it is only the known feng shui cure to appease the Grand Duke, the god in charge of inflicting bad luck.

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Dragon and Phoenix

dragon and phoenix rings

In feng shui, the Dragon and the Phoenix are the ultimate couple. These beasts embody the yin and yang, the perfect harmony. Together, they represent lasting relationships and marital success. That’s why wearing these symbols are said to bless couples with a blissful life together.

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Chinese Coins

chinese coins bracelet

Chinese coins are traditionally used as a feng shui enhancer. They are known for their round shape and square hole in the middle, which represent Heaven and Earth. These coins are said to attract the energy of wealth and money. Aside from that, they are also used to protect against financial losses.

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Red String

red string bracelet

Think of some decorative lucky charms and you’ll realize that many of them are tied in a red string. This is because red is the ultimate color in feng shui. Red is blessed with prosperous energy that grants people good luck, protection, and good fortune. Thus, wearing a red string bracelet is considered lucky this year!

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Chinese Zodiac Sign

red string bracelet

You don’t only inherit the traits of your zodiac animal. They are also believed to serve as guardian animals that will protect you from harm. Today, it’s a common practice to wear an image of your Chinese zodiac sign as a bracelet, ring, or necklace. It is said that wearing your zodiac will bring you good luck and neutralize negative energies.

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elephant necklace

From one animal to another, elephant symbols are also believed to bring you good luck. This holds especially true for elephant symbols with an upraised trunk. Aside from luck, elephants are also said to offer protection and grant fertility to those who seek it.

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3. Activate the 2021 Flying Stars

You should also pay attention to the position of the flying stars this year of the Metal Ox. Optimize the positive areas for feng shui to enhance the auspicious energies in those spaces. On the other hand, place feng shui remedies in the negative areas to neutralize the bad energies in them.

Below, we summarized the positive and negative areas you need to watch out based on the 2021 flying star chart.

Flying star chart

Positive Areas in 2021:

West - #8 Annual Star (The Prosperity Star)
South - #1 Annual Star (The Favorable Star)
East - #4 Annual Star (The Romance and Academic Star)
Center - #6 Annual Star (The Celestial Star)
Northeast - #9 Annual Star (The Celebration Star)

Negative Areas in 2021:

Southeast - #5 Annual Star (The Bad Luck Star)
North - #2 Annual Star (The Illness Star)
Southwest - #3 Annual Star (The Quarrelsome Star)
Northwest - #7 Annual Star (The Robbery Star)

4. Other Feng Shui Practices to Have Good Luck

Finally, here are a few more tips to attract luck in the Metal Ox Year:

  • Put a large mirror in your room. This is said to double the symbolic wealth of what’s reflected on your table.
  • Hang wind chimes tied in a red string in the money area of your bedroom.
  • Place green plants like bamboo in the wealth area to promote growth in all aspects of your life.
  • Decorate your wealth area with wealth symbols such as the Prosperity Dragon Crystal Sphere.
  • Keep a bowl of fruit on the table as a sign of abundance.
  • Keep all your money at home in the same place.
  • Make sure that you have money on Chinese New Year Eve and on your birthday.
  • Program your mind as if you are already lucky financially. This doesn’t mean spending excessively, but it’s about freeing your mind from financial worries.

Final Thoughts

The year of the Metal Ox is arriving, and with it comes the hope of better times especially to those compatible with the ruling zodiac and element.

Whether your star aligns with the year or not, there are feng shui 2021 practices and remedies that you can observe to improve your luck. And at Inner Wisdom Store, we always wish everyone the best of luck!


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