Silver Dragon Phoenix Couple Ring

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This Silver Dragon Phoenix Couple Ring is Inspired by the two mythical creatures in ancient Eastern cultures, the Dragon and the Phoenix, this beautiful silver ring features a unique coiled dragon and phoenix embossed design that looks really amazing for couples to wear.

🐲 Dragon Design For Fortune and Wealth 🐲

The Dragon is one of the most powerful mythical creatures in the Eastern Asian cultures. Temples and shrines have been created to pay homage to the dragon. In Eastern cultures, the dragon symbolizes dominance, courage, power, wealth, good luck and fortitude. Businesses love dragon symbols because they are attributed to fortune, wealth, career-improvement and success.

🐦 Phoenix For Healing and Rebirth 🐦

The Phoenix is a mythical bird that symbolizes renewal and growth. it is a very powerful creature that can regenerate by burning into flames. The phoenix is then reborn from its ashes as a much more powerful creature. Phoenix is often used as a symbol for rebirth, regeneration, improved health and longevity.

Our Couple Fortune Dragon & Phoenix Ring is a perfect gift for couples or anyone.

Product Details
  • Gender: Men And Women
  • Size:Adjustable
  • Material: Sterling Silver
  • Package contains a pair of rings

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I love dragons i think dragon and phoenix go together very well unfortunately there a bit expensive for me especially with the way things are money very tight i also dont seem to get parcels that are shipped