Row of golden bells hanging
Row of golden bells hanging

Empower Your Life

Discover the best feng shui products for wealth, luck, health, love and more

Empowering Jewelry for You

“Ancient practices play a key role in transforming lives. By applying these practices, life can be better.”

A trusted source of empowering jewelry rooted in ancient practices. That is the Inner Wisdom Store.

Pixiu golden beads on black fabric



Pixiu is an important symbol in Feng Shui. Discover how Pixiu could protect you and attract abundance and prosperity in all areas in your life.

Our Mission

At Inner Wisdom Store, we are dedicated to a unique mission: TO BRING AND MAKE SPIRITUAL JEWELRIES THAT EMPOWER YOUR LIFE.


We are here to transform your life into a unique and spiritual experience.

We Are Together In This Journey

Mindful Meditation Music - Music - Inner Wisdom Store

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Discover 20 meditation music tracks for mindfulness carefully selected for you to enjoy. Listen to calm ambient tracks best for mindfulness meditation, healing, yoga, and many more!

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How to Attract Wealth

Looking to attract money? Eastern cultures tell that some jewelry helps promote wealth. And we found a few of them for you!

Gain the power of the Pixiu, Dragon, Mani Mantra, and other wealth items now!

Child in Red Monk Robe

How to Attract Positivity

Hoping to get rid of negative energies? Ancient beliefs tell that some jewelry helps attract a positive life. And we bring a few of them for you!

Use the power of the Heart Sutra, Rainbow Obsidian, Tree of Life, and other positivity items now!

man meditating on the beach

How to Find Balance

Is it hard to find balance within you? Ancient cultures tell that some jewelry helps promote stability. And we collected a few of them for you!

Release the power of the Jade, Agate, Yin Yang, and other balancing items now!

Bell on red decorated fabric

How To Attract Luck

Need to boost your luck? Ancient beliefs tell that some jewelry helps attract good fortune. And we collected a few of them for you!

Harness the power of the Mani Mantra, Red Strings, Black Obsidian, and other lucky items now.

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