Feng Shui’s Lucky Colors in 2022

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2022 is the Year of the Water Tiger under the Four Pillars in Feng Shui. Under the Nine Star Ki, which is also a vital basis in Feng Shui, 2022 is also a 5 Earth year.

We all want to attract good fortune and prosperity every day of our lives. For this year, one of the easiest ways to do so would be through the use of colors that cater to both Water and Earth.Color is significant in feng shui due to the importance of vision and light energy. The colors’ vibrations help attract certain energies that will increase luck and prosperity.

Regardless of individual astrology, it is important to take into account universal vibrations that this year brings and therefore the most auspicious colors for the year.

In this blog post, we will be discussing what lucky colors you should have to invite luck and happiness in 2022.

The Water and Earth Year

Because 2022 is simultaneously a Water and Earth year, inviting both water and earth energies to your life is beneficial for prosperity and good fortune. Let’s begin by learning the colors you should wear under the water elements.

Water on sunset

Water elements are associated with a person’s social life, wisdom, and connections. Hence it is important to attract good energies in these areas.

Black is one of the prime colors associated with the water element. It evokes power, mystery, and calmness – just like water. Deeper colors are associated with water elements in contrast to the assumption of light blues and teals. Aside from wearing black clothing, the use of feng shui bracelets such as those with black obsidian or tourmaline, help not only in attracting wisdom but also in canceling and repelling surrounding negative energy. A  Black Obsidian Pixiu Bracelet absorbs the negative energy of its wearer and serves as a powerful protection stone through the obsidian. It attracts abundant wealth, secures financial losses, and increases monetary luck. 

Charcoal gray  caters to the water element’s deep tones. Arranging furniture at home in this hue may help attract positive energy, particularly in the front door to welcome the year with a good start. Using gray jewelry like a  Grounding Lava Stone Bracelet not only helps increase wisdom and guidance, it also serves to ground its wearer and grant further stability. Wearing this bracelet will help attract good fortune while calming the mind and the heart.

Midnight blue is another dark tone associated with the water element. Accenting furniture at home with this color invites the flow of energy to improve existing connections and other social matters. Aside from social concerns, managing health should also be a top priority. Using a  Rainbow Magnetic Hematite Bracelet, which has midnight blue accents, promotes positive thinking and improves blood circulation and overall health. Wearing this bracelet also has therapeutic effects as it promotes peaceful sleep that will help welcome a more positive year.

Earth elements are related to stability, self-care, and support. Unlike the water element’s deep tones, earth elements are warmer and neutral; “earth-toned”.

Hand holding plant sprout

Brown is one of the most commonly known earth elements. Placing brown-toned furniture at home and planting brown wooden plants help invite stability and balance. Wearing earth-toned gemstones like a  Blue Earth Jasper Stone Bracelet helps create a strong connection between its wearer and the Earth. It is beneficial in healing and nurturing one’s spirit by increasing physical strength and vitality. Having a deeper bond with the Earth will help invite necessary positive energy for a more vibrant life.

Earth-toned orange colors also help invoke the earth element. Using terracotta-colored pots is one way to add grounding and stability to one’s home. Warm orange or rust-colored clothing and items help invite calmness and rest. Citrine crystals, which are of the same color tone, help increase support and balance. Wearing jewelry like the  Feng Shui Citrine Piyao Bracelet these benefits and increases fortune in wealth and prosperity. Citrine specifically helps manifest wealth energy to its wearer and multiplies success and abundance while dispelling negative energy.

Yellow is another color that attracts the positive energies of the earth element. Like earth-toned orange, when this color is worn or placed at home, it attracts a high sense of energy. Using yellow candles invites warmth to one's abode, whereas having yellow furniture in the living room may help harmonize and brighten family connections. To increase wealth and luck in finances, placing and using a  Gold Chinese Piggy Bank in the bedroom or the office promotes more savings and directly increases good feng shui while encouraging abundance. The yellow gold color symbolizes prosperity for its user and helps brighten the aura of one's home. 

Colors of Luck and Prosperity

2022 is both a Water and Earth year. To make this year one of your bests, it’s a must to learn the lucky feng shui colors. Wear and use them at home to attract powerful positive energies, increase abundance and prosperity, and repel negative energy.

Here at Inner Wisdom, we do our best to guide you in making every year yours. 2022 may have already begun, but it is not too late to take a solid effort to make it a more prosperous and bountiful year!


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