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The perfect tree's in the world

These are the best tree's I ever had blessed to have them


Good day,

I eventually got what I ordered and it look a long time before getting to me.

However, I am yet to have an experience of how it works.

Thanks and best regards.


I got mine today and I’m so amazed how beautiful this citrine money tree is. It came in well packed and in good condition. It looks exactly as the picture. Hoping it will bring me good luck too. 😊

Beautiful necklace 🤩

I just got mine today, arrived in good condition, very well packed. I got 2 one for me & one for my daughter. Shipping took a little bit longer than promised. It’s understandable because of COVID-19 restrictions.
I wanted to say Thank you so much Celina for being patient with me when I kept sending you messages asking where my package is.
I can say it’s worth the wait😊


It's great and satisfy. 😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰

Tibetan knot Buddhist lucky Bracelet

I like it and give me confidence and luck and happy

I love the ring so much. 😍

Rainbow Magnetic Hematite wellness bracelet

I love it take out my stress and exiety and the 3 I give as a gift to my sister in law my sister and relatives they like it very much 👌🏻

Citrine money tree

It’s really simple and not too heavy and balances energy in the house. Love it!

Jade Pixiu Abundance Protection and.God of wealth Shuie Citrine Bracelet

I love the item and very pretty.Highly recommended great seller.I want to buy more.

Mani mantra Germanium titanium bracelet

I love it and I’m wearing now I feel good and relax

I love it!

Sterling silver! Om mani pad me hum. Super quality in both material and finish, don’t hesitate, it is crème de la crème!

Receiving my citrine

Thank you inner wisdom, I received my bracelet!! It’s soooooo beautiful!!! Ordered 1-11-2020, received 4-12-2020 to 🇳🇬. I pray it gives me Goodluck, protection and money. I cleansed in salt water and charged with the sun. I’ll update my experience in a month. Thank you so much, will be ordering more soon.

Rainbow Megnetic Hematite Wellness Bracelet

BEAUTIFUL piece of jewelry. Excellent craftsmanship. Will definately purchase more from this site/seller!

Love it!!!

so beautiful!! Love it!! Perfect new addition!! Well made, great clasp!! Not taking it off!!

Love it

Received mine today...beautiful


worth the wait of delivery, the ring is really beautiful!!!
amazing design , unexpected quality.

another order will be place soon!

Finally I got it Very nice

I really like it and love it 👍❤️ I always wear veryday and everywhere i go. I felling like I have lots of blessings come to me for my work and love life sence i have this Jade Pendant Necklace, and I very thankful and happy to have this one.. Thank you Inner Wisdom Store this items ❤️👍😊

Beautiful bracelet

Just received my bracelet and I absolutely love it. It looks more beautiful in person. I hope that it brings me luck.

Wonderful quality

Just got mine today!! It just so happens that 2 days ago I saw a friend wearing one, which she bought from another site (don't know if I can mention name of site here!😁) and it had nothing to do with mine!! Mine is 1000 times higher quality!! Also, delivery time was also very good, considering circumstances as well (about 1 month, coming to Europe-Cyprus
Thank you! 👍

Love Pi Xiu bracelet

I’m deaf lady. I love PiXiu bracelet and I hasn’t feel anything yet and feel normal nothing happen. Also I read say age up 70. I wonder what other jewelry after age 70. Umm even times I wear bracelet my left hand my friend try pet me to look at her I was like oh boy then I go put water on my bracelet on my hand few time she keep pet my hand. Will is mix up or what. Please help me to clear it. Thanks

i sooo love it!

I got mine ....i love my bracelet, excellent quality. 👍💖satisfied

Very beautiful

I’m 100% satisfied, the bracelets are very beautiful and very good quality. I’m very happy
I do recommend this shop