Citrine Feng Shui Money Tree - Luck Decorative Crystal Plant

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Citrine Feng Shui Money Tree - Luck Decorative Crystal Plant

Attract business luck and prosperity with this Citrine Money Tree Gemstone Ornament! Made of natural citrine crystal, this gem tree is a popular feng shui enhancer for wealth.



  • Natural citrine crystal tree
  • Feng shui enhancer for money luck
  • Citrine gemstones to drive away negative energies
  • Aesthetic decorative plant for homes or offices
  • Hand-crafted with great details
  • Ideal gift for any occasion


🌱 Citrine Crystal Tree – Attract Wealth 🌱

The citrine gem tree is used in feng shui as a cure to stimulate the flow of money. Also called the tree of life, its leaves symbolize the five feng shui elements of wood, water, earth, fire, and metal. The elements of this gemstone tree ornament represent stability, balancing the chi energies inside homes and businesses.


💛 The Gemstone of Abundance: Citrine 💛

In the crystal world, citrine is believed to bring business luck when displayed in establishments. It is a stone of abundance, attracting wealth and success to its owner. This happy stone dispels negativity and helps protect you from financial losses.


Get this Lucky Citrine Crystal Tree

Feng shui is all about balanced energy. With this citrine money tree, transform your space into a positive environment filled with beneficial energy!


Citrine tree feng shui placement:

Place the money tree in the southeast sector of your home or workspace. The southeast sector is considered the wealth area in feng shui.


Product Details:

  • Materials: Natural Citrine Crystal, Resin Gemstones
  • Type: Money Tree Gemstone Ornament
  • Purpose: Attract Wealth & Luck
  • Size: approx. 7.48" (19 cm) in height


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 67 reviews
    Brandon Daley
    Great Gift

    Tree is beautiful once you extend branches. Definitely brings good luck and fortune. Will be purchasing for family members as future gifts.

    Patrick Thomas

    Great to have and enjoy looking at it everyday

    Tank H
    The perfect tree's in the world

    These are the best tree's I ever had blessed to have them


    I got mine today and I’m so amazed how beautiful this citrine money tree is. It came in well packed and in good condition. It looks exactly as the picture. Hoping it will bring me good luck too. 😊

    Tricia Ramroop
    Citrine money tree

    It’s really simple and not too heavy and balances energy in the house. Love it!

    Charles T. Andrews

    It is cute. Small but it arrived safely and early. Good for a lucky gift. I gave it to my husband to sit on his desk.