Chinese Coin Wealth and Protection Bracelet

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Chinese Coin Wealth and Protection Bracelet

Attract money energy while gaining wealth protection with the Chinese Coin Bracelet! This feng shui coin bracelet is inspired by powerful money coins.


Chinese Coin Bracelet Meaning

In ancient times, Chinese coins were commonly used as feng shui enhancers. These coins are known for their round shape and square hole in the center, which represents Heaven and Earth, respectively. As a bracelet, Chinese feng shui coins are worn for wealth and success. It is also one of the many powerful Chinese protection symbols.


  • Enhance money energy
  • Inspires success
  • Wealth protection
  • Good luck feng shui cure


Chinese Feng Shui Coins for Wealth and Success

Inspired by the belief surrounding old Chinese money, this feng shui coin bracelet is believed to attract fortune and wealth. Our bracelet is crafted with several gold beads embossed with the ancient Chinese coin design, pieced together in an elegant black string.


Powerful Chinese Protection Bracelet

Aside from bringing wealth, old Chinese coins are also used to protect your finances. In feng shui, it is believed to have protective energy that shields the owner from financial losses. Thus, it makes a powerful Chinese protection bracelet.


Our Chinese Coin Wealth and Protection Bracelet is inspired by the powers of ancient Chinese money. Get this Chinese coin bracelet to enhance your wealth, improve your chance of success, and protect yourself from monetary losses.


MAIN FUNCTION: Chinese coin for wealth & protection


  • Item Type: Wealth Bracelet
  • Amulet: Chinese Coin
  • Material: Gold-Plated Beads, Premium String
  • Clasp Type: Slide Clasp
  • Length: Adjustable
  • Gender: Unisex



Chinese Coin Wealth and Protection Bracelet


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