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As with anything in life, our choices dictate the way we live and the outcomes we get. Despite this, performing certain practices and using specific tools may help enhance the overall quality of our life. In our  last blog post, we learned about the different types of Tibetan Buddhist Bracelets and the importance of meditation to find inner peace. In this article, we will be diving deeper into the significance of one bracelet and how it can bring you the best fortune and prosperity. 

Before we continue, have you heard of the  red string bracelet? Regardless of the belief system, the red string bracelet is known as a symbol of protection and prosperity. It is said that it wards off evil and attracts good luck while also serving as a symbol of connection. However, while the red string bracelet is a popular item, a great alternative that holds equal benefits is the  black string bracelet. Aside from being a more stylish and neutral color, the black string bracelet also has a multitude of benefits and advantages. Let’s look at each one and learn why this might be the most suitable bracelet for you.

Symbol of Protection

Tibetan Black String Buddhist Lucky Bracelet

Like the red string, a black string bracelet represents the planet Saturn in astrology and Indian culture. Saturn is associated with discipline and maturity. A black string bracelet also serves as a sign of protection against Rahu and Ketu – the shadow planets believed to cause malefic effects to one’s life. To get protection and keep the negativities away, wearing a black string bracelet while chanting mantras will help. Children also typically use the black string bracelet on their left hand to ward off the “Evil Eye." It deflects the bad luck and possible misfortunes that may come its wearer's way unknowingly.

Improve Spirituality

The black string bracelet is also said to hold immense spiritual power, representing stability and self-control. These are particularly useful for those struggling to keep themselves and their emotions in check. In the Hindu belief system, the black string is associated with Lord Shani – the God of Justice and Punishment. Lord Shani is the one who punishes or rewards people according to their deeds, and so the black string bracelet may also serve as a reminder to always do good. Lord Shani is also believed to ward off negative energy while blessing the wearer with enthusiasm and hope. Wearing a black string bracelet would keep away dark magic and evil intentions, enriching one's spiritual life.

Protect Health

A black thread is positively linked with health benefits because it is also said to absorb the energy of the Sun. Warmth and calmness are vital for people who often feel cold physically, and this bracelet gives warm energy. It may even help emotionally "cold" people or those who struggle to process their own feelings. Wearing a black string around different parts of the body such as the wrists, midriff, and stomach is a Hindu practice where the string serves as a sacrosanct or protection of evil to stop ailing or illness from touching these body parts. 

The Perfect Bracelet for Protection and Prosperity

Tibetan Black String Buddhist Lucky Bracelet


Not into vivid colors? No problem! If you’re someone who wants a subtle yet stylish accessory but still wants to get protection and luck, then our  Tibetan Black String Buddhist Lucky Bracelet will help you achieve all the benefits we mentioned above (plus the additional powers of the mantra). Handmade by Tibetan monks, it is spiritually charged with the Six True Words mantra and therefore attracts luck and prosperity to the maximum capacity. The string bracelet’s nature serves to ward off evil and negative fortune, while the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum attracts good and positive things and brings happiness to its wearer.

So the next time you have second thoughts on checking out that  red string bracelet just because of its color, remember that it has a black version that serves the same benefits. Whether you prefer the red, black, or both, you can ensure that you have a powerful tool for protection and luck when you have a Tibetan Red/Black String Bracelet. Here at Inner Wisdom, we guide you to learn more about the best spiritual jewelry that aren't only beautiful and wearable but also crafted with care for its future owner. Our bracelets are made so you can achieve optimal results for a happier life. What are you waiting for? Get yours today and attract the right kind of energy you need with the perfect everyday bracelet!


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