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10 Best Feng Shui Bracelets to Wear This 2021

If you wish to have good luck this year, feng shui experts suggest that you attract positive energy into your life. One popular way to do this is by wearing a feng shui bracelet.

In this guide, discover the best feng shui bracelets for luck, love, protection, health, and wealth in 2021.



feng shui bracelet is worn to attract energies that improve certain areas of your life, such as health, wealth, career, and love.



For this list, we handpicked some of the best feng shui bracelets from our store based on our feng shui 2021 predictions. Find the right charms that will improve your general luck, health, wealth, love, or protection in the year of the Metal Ox.



Lucky Handmade Tibetan Buddhist Bracelet

feng shui bracelet for good luck

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Red is a very auspicious color in feng shui. That’s why red string bracelets will never go out of trend each year. For the Metal Ox year, red will also neutralize the energy deficiency caused by the prevailing element of the year.



Wu Lou Mantra Bracelet

feng shui bracelet for health

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When it comes to health feng shui cures and remedies, the Wu Lou is a classic. Also known as the Chinese gourd, this symbol is used to counter the "Illness Star" of the feng shui flying stars. With the metal element dominating the year, a metal Wu Lou makes a great health charm bracelet in 2021.


Natural Jade Bangle Healing Bracelet

feng shui bracelet for health

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Since ancient times, jade has been widely used as a healing stone. It is believed to hold gentle energy that nurtures and soothes the body, mind, and spirit. Bracelets made of jadestone are said to promote healing effects by creating a serene feeling of balance and harmony. Also, a green jadestone helps make up the energy imbalance in the Metal Ox Year.



God of Wealth Feng Shui Citrine Bracelet

feng shui bracelet for wealth

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When it comes to crystals for wealth, citrine is one of the most popular gemstones in feng shui. This is because this yellow stone is not only beautiful, it is also affordable. And it has a good reputation for manifesting dreams and wishes. In the year of the Metal Ox, wearing a citrine is great because yellow is also considered a lucky color in 2021.


Sterling Silver Pixiu Bracelet

feng shui bracelet for wealth

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Speaking of lucky colors, silver is still in this year thanks to the prevailing element, Metal. And if you’re looking for silver bracelets to bring you wealth, a silver Pixiu is a great choice. In feng shui, Pixiu is a famous wealth symbol for its ability to consume treasures and its inability to excrete them, representing wealth coming in and never to leave.



Rose Quartz Bracelet

feng shui bracelet for love

If you want to find new love this year, a rose quartz bracelet is the accessory to go. Rose quartz vibrates and resonate with the heart, which is said to strengthen feelings of affection. Wear this bracelet to open up the heart and attract a new love.


Dragon & Phoenix Obsidian Bracelet Wrap

feng shui bracelet for love

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The Dragon and the Phoenix are the ultimate couple in feng shui. The Dragon represents Yang (male) energy while the Phoenix embodies the Yin (female) energy. Together, they create the perfect harmony. Thus, these bracelets symbolize marital bliss and are said to inspire lasting relationships.



Triple Protection Bracelet

feng shui bracelet for protection

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For three times the protection, this bracelet offers triple protective energy against negativity. It harnesses the energy of three powerful crystals namely hematite, tiger’s eye, and black obsidian, shielding you from ill intentions and misfortune.


Red String Chinese Zodiac Bracelet

feng shui bracelet for protection

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In feng shui, it is believed that our Chinese zodiac animals protect us from bad luck. They serve as our guardian animals who neutralize negative energies wherever we go. Hence, our zodiac symbols make for a potent protection bracelet.



Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet

all-in-one feng shui bracelet

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Finally, wear this piece if you’re looking for an all-in-one bracelet that will improve all areas of your life. The Pixiu symbol in this bracelet is great for attracting wealth while the black obsidian stones offer healing and protection. The mantra engraved on the beads is also said to bring good luck.



There is a wide array of feng shui bracelets that you can wear in the year of the Metal Ox. When choosing the best feng shui bracelet, consider the areas of your life that you wish to improve.



If you decided to buy a feng shui bracelet, look for an online store with a proven track record. At Inner Wisdom Store, our bracelets are made of only genuine and high-quality materials. They are also cleansed and blessed with a powerful mantra so you can get optimum results.

Get your own feng shui bracelets now to equip yourself with good luck in 2021!

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