Enhancing Meditation Benefits With Tibetan Buddhist Bracelets

Enhancing Meditation Benefits With Tibetan Buddhist Bracelets

The bustle and noise of everyday life can be quite overwhelming. At times, we may forget to set aside time for ourselves. It is important that we still connect with our inner self despite everything else. One way we can do this is through meditation.

Meditation has been practiced since ancient times for several positive reasons, both physical and psychological – including relaxing the body, calming the mind, improving balance, and enhancing overall health. 

In this blog post, we will help you understand how to further connect with your inner self and why wearing a Tibetan bracelet is the best way to maximize your meditation experience. 

Connecting with your inner self through meditation

Meditation allows a person to connect with the inner self for many reasons that help in holistic development. It reduces stress, controls anxiety, regulates emotional health, and enhances self-awareness. Practicing meditation also encourages better attention span and reduces age-related memory loss as it enables a person to have a specific amount of time devoted wholly to the self. 

Having established the importance of meditation in our lives, utilizing a Tibetan Buddhist bracelet will further aid in the process. Tibetan Buddhist bracelets are not only used as a symbol of faith for the Buddhist tradition; they are also worn by monks in Tibet while meditating and praying. It is said to absorb positive energy during spiritual activities thus, chanting during meditation also balances the bracelet with the energy of the universe.

Tibetan Buddhist Bracelets are said to hold powerful mantras useful for meditation, improving the quality of life for its wearer. It is believed to attract good luck, protect from negative energy, and inspire healing. Using this bracelet while meditating also further connects the wearer to his inner self by promoting wisdom and bringing happiness.

Types of Tibetan Buddhist Bracelets

While the benefits stated above extend to every single bracelet, some variations differ depending on their purpose. Let's look into different types and see what is best suited for your meditation. 

Tibetan Red String Bracelet


The color red represents life in Buddhist tradition and therefore blesses the wearer with good luck and protection from negative energy. It allows the wearer to develop a strong connection with the inner self and represents connection and harmony in the universe. A  Lucky Red String Bracelet from Tibet is blessed with a mantra and is particularly useful in inviting good fortune and warding off bad luck. Note that one must wear the red string bracelet on the left arm to receive its energy.

Tibetan Mantra Bracelet

Similar to the Red String Bracelet, a Tibetan Mantra bracelet is helpful in meditation. Mantras, in Buddhism, are syllables or phrases said to hold a certain power. They help ward off negative emotions and feelings such as anger, pride, and hate. A  Lucky Mantra Red String Bracelet infuses the powers of the red string. It is blessed and engraved with the Om Mani Padme Hum or the Six True Word Mantra which is considered the most powerful mantra in Tibetan Buddhism. Aside from attracting positivity and warding off bad luck, this bracelet is also useful in promoting enlightenment and bringing happiness and wisdom.

Tibetan Copper Bracelet

The main difference between the Tibetan Copper Bracelet with the other bracelets is the material used. Copper is a metal considered to be a good conductor of spiritual energy. It provides grounding vibrations to its wearer and allows one to channel these vibrations between the physical and spiritual world. With its grounding powers, it is also used to attract positive spiritual energies and promote healing. Wearing a  Tibetan Copper Bead Bracelet utilizes all of these benefits and specifically helps in the reduction of stress, easing pain, and boosting the immune system. Its healing properties also help in slowing down aging. 

Tibetan Metal Cuff Bracelet

Are you not into the look of string bracelets? Then this Tibetan Metal Cuff might be the one for you. The metal cuff bracelet serves as a good reminder of Buddhist teachings, as they are usually etched with mantras and symbols. A  Tibetan Mantra Cuff Bracelet not only has the six-syllable mantra but is also engraved with the Heart Sutra inside. The Heart Sutra translates to “Heart of the Perfection of Wisdom” and contains universal teachings on human existence. Wearing this metal cuff allows the user to gain more wisdom and be enlightened. It's perfect for those wanting to be more connected to their inner selves.

Tibetan Stone Bracelet

The last variety of Tibetan bracelets that we will talk about is one made from stone. Like the other variations, this bracelet reduces negative energies and attracts positive qualities. These are magnified depending on the stone from which the bracelet is made. The  Obsidian Om Mani Padme Hum Bracelet, for example, naturally repels bad fortune and attracts joyful and peaceful vibrations through the Six True Word Mantra. Further strengthened by the obsidian, this bracelet wards off negative behavior such as greed, anxiety, fear, and other qualities that may inhibit growth and prosperity. The obsidian serves to cleanse toxicity and absorb all negativity away from its wearer. 

Meditation: Healing and Connecting

We now understand the importance of meditation and the use of  Tibetan Buddhist bracelets along with it. Each bracelet is specific in its purpose and helps get rid of negativity. They also attract wisdom, enlightenment, and good qualities necessary for connecting to the inner self.

Meditation indeed hosts a multitude of physical and physiological benefits. Practicing it daily while wearing Tibetan bracelets that enhance its advantages is one sure way to take care of yourself. Get yours today and bring clarity and peace of mind to your life!



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My copper bead bracelet broke… I have been wearing it for almost two years or more… can I keep it with me … I truly don’t want to throw it away…

My copper bead bracelet broke… I have been wearing it for almost two years or more… can I keep it with me … I truly don’t want to throw it away…

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