Tips To Attract Love In 2022 Using Feng Shui

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As we grow older, we learn to keep our circle small and our loved ones close. But it’s not a bad thing to crave love.

This coming new year, you might be aiming to find the person you’d want to spend the rest of your life with or have already found them and want to keep your relationship strong.

We support you on that! That’s why we’ve compiled some feng shui tips to help you attract the love that you dream of.

You might have read your  2022 love horoscope and it wasn’t what you were expecting.  It’s time to counter bad luck (if any) and manifest positive energies to bring you closer to finding true love!

Wear a Feng Shui Bracelet

Feng shui bracelets are known to  help manifest intentions and improve certain aspects of life such as health, wealth, career, and love. Two of the best bracelets to wear if you’re looking for love are the  Red String Aventurine Bracelet and  Red Garnet Stone Bead Bracelet.

Known as the “Stone of Opportunity”, the Aventurine is believed to be the luckiest precious gemstone. It provides protection, charm, and good luck to its wearer. It is also said to help one open their heart to new love after a heartbreak, and restore happiness in long-term relationships. 

The Red Garnet is called the “Stone of Commitment” because it is believed to inspire new love and deepen romantic relationships. Just like the Aventurine, it also allows one to open up, helping stimulate sexual desires, rekindle old feelings, and strengthen existing relationships.

The color red is also a symbol of strong love and passion. So these feng shui bracelets are not just great accessories but are some of the best jewelry to own when it comes to love.

Clean Your Bedroom

It’s time to get the mop and the broom!

A messy bedroom can hinder the flow of positive energy. If you want your manifestations of love to be clearly absorbed by the universe, then it’s time to do some cleaning.

Put everything in order and free up some bedroom space. This allows the energy to circulate better so you can get the positive energies for your love life.

If you’re aiming to find your other half or want your current relationship to move to the next level, then make room for someone else. It may be as little as emptying some drawers or moving around some furniture to make space.

Once you’re done cleaning, create a loud sound by clapping your hands to welcome a new wave of energy. Admire the emptied spaces as you imagine the things of your person there.

Place Crystals In Your Home

When it comes to crystals and the topic of love, the Rose Quartz Crystal is the most popular stone. It is believed to attract unconditional love and is traditionally used to open up the heart to all kinds of love.

Are you still hungover from the pain of the past? Then the  Rose Quartz Crystal Wand might just be your new best friend!

Crystal wands are believed to allow energy to flow and be directed. Their long shape is helpful in letting the energy move up and down, as well as in and out. When you become acquainted with your crystal wand,  its vibrations will improve your healing. It will support you in getting rid of negative energies and welcoming new love.

Heart-Shaped Rose Quartz Crystal for Meditation by Innerwisdomstore

What speaks more about love than a heart? Get your own  Rose Quartz Heart-Shaped Crystal to express your desire for romance.

These pretty crystals are similar to palm stones which are smaller and circular or oval-shaped – perfect for holding during meditations. Their size flawlessly fits in the palm of one’s hand, allowing it to be brought anywhere easily. Take it in your bag, put it in your pocket, or simply display it in your space. They’re associated with the heart chakra which makes them radiate loving and peaceful energy.

Choose from Rose Quartz Heart-Shaped Crystal and Rose Quartz Crystal Wand or get both and place them in your home or office space.

It is said that the ideal placement of these crystals is in the South-West direction. By placing two pieces of rose quartz in the South-West part of your bedroom, you can invite romance and positive energies.

Dispose of items that remind you of failed relationships

This might be pretty obvious but it’s important to get rid of any sign of negativity. Remove items from your ex-lover. Throw away old letters, photos, or any other gifts that are reminiscent of an unsuccessful relationship.

Have you ever asked yourself how long it has been since that heartbreak? It’s time to let yourself get accustomed to moving on from the pain of the past. 

No matter how nostalgic you are, try your best to prioritize the present. Remember that anything that came from a failed love should have no place in your home.

Wear protective jewelry

Protect the love you currently have and wear jewelry that is not just stylish but will also help you and your lover maintain a harmonious relationship.

The Dragon is a symbol of power, wealth, dominance, good fortune, and strength. While the Phoenix is a symbol of rejuvenation, resurrection, and healing. Our  Obsidian Dragon and Opal Phoenix Couple Protection Necklace combine these two powerful creatures in matching necklaces. They are perfect for couples looking for protection, healing, and good fortune.


If you and your partner are not a necklace kind of person, then you can check out our  Dragon and Phoenix Obsidian Bracelet Wrap (Twin Set) or  Silver Dragon Phoenix Couple Ring. Like the necklaces, these lovely pieces bear the mighty dragon and phoenix, the two most powerful celestial animals in Chinese mythology.

Are you currently in a long-distance relationship and worried about losing the connection you have with your partner? Then our  Yin and Yang Bead Bracelet Set is the perfect one for you! This pair of howlite and agate yin yang couple bracelets are believed to preserve the bond between two lovers separated from each other. 

The minimalist style is also an added bonus to the beautiful energy it brings. Wear these bracelets and feel the love of your special someone even when you’re apart!

Find Love in 2022

Whether you want to find a new companion in life, want to maintain the healthy relationship you currently have, or simply want to find peace in being alone and loving yourself, just follow the tips we’ve mentioned above and attract the love you’re manifesting this coming new year! 


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Silvia p Ledee

I want so bad to have this bracelets

I want so bad to have this bracelets

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