Rose Quartz Heart-Shaped Love Stone

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Heart-Shaped Rose Quartz for Love


Our Rose Quartz Heart-Shaped Stone is used to fill you with the energy of love. Set your intention onto the stone to open your heart to all forms of love!



  • Rose quartz stones used to attract love
  • Heart-shaped quartz crystals to boost love energy
  • Small rose quartz hearts in varying sizes
  • Grab one or a pair depending on your intention


Rose Quartz Heart-Shaped Stone Meaning

Considered as a romance stone, rose quartz is believed to attract unconditional love. Its soothing energy is thought to heal the heart chakra, allowing the heart to open up to love of all types—self-love, familial, friendships, and romantic love.


Polished Heart-Shaped Quartz Crystals

Made from beautiful rose quartz, each piece of these tumbled love crystals is precisely cut into hearts. The heart shape helps increase the loving energy of the stone.


How to Use the Rose Quartz Love Heart

If you’re looking to attract a romantic partner, set your intention onto a pair of heart-shaped rose quartz. One stone is for you and the other for your future partner. Place them under your mattress.

If you want to feel a little extra love from your friends, family, or self, set your intention onto the stone. Give the rose quartz love heart to that person.


MAIN FUNCTION: Rose Quartz used to open the heart


  • Item Type: Stones & Crystals
  • Material: Natural Rose Quartz
  • Shape: Heart
  • Color: Pink
  • Available Size: 1.58x1.42x0.79" (40x36x20mm)
  • Gender: Unisex


This product is part of our Love and Relationship Bundle, you can check it out here.



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