6 Crystals That Can Help You Get Better Sleep

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Getting enough sleep is a vital part of our everyday life as it affects a lot of factors like our energy and attitude. However, we don’t always get the good sleep we hope for. Sometimes even counting sheep, drinking a glass of milk before bed, or doing relaxation exercises still can’t help you peacefully close your eyes. You’d still end up tossing and turning in bed until the wee hours of the night. And when you finally fall asleep, you suddenly get awakened by a nightmare.

It’s hard, we know. That’s why we’re here to help!

We’ve listed down six of the best crystals that can help you get a calm mind, body, and spirit at night. Each crystal has its special properties that are specific to the struggles of people who have a hard time sleeping.


    amethyst crystal

    The Amethyst crystal is known as the  stone of peace. It is believed to provide a sense of calmness and tranquility to anyone who uses it, fighting off stress and relieving you of anxieties. A peaceful mind also means a peaceful night’s sleep.

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    Rose Quartz

    rose quartz crystal

    Known as the stone of love and romance, the Rose Quartz is believed to help you absorb healing energy and dispel negativities. With an optimistic mindset, your mind would be clearer every night, helping you fall asleep faster and sound.

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    moonstone crystal


    From the name itself, you know that the Moonstone will help you get a good night’s sleep. If you’re suffering from insomnia due to your racing mind, this crystal will be great for you. It diminishes emotional tension, helping prevent overthinking and worrying. This translucent stone also has reflective properties which help you have clearer dreams and lesser nightmares.

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    Black Tourmaline

    black tourmaline crystal

    The strong protective energies of the Black Tourmaline crystal are known to help people having trouble with falling asleep. Like the Moonstone, it’s also helpful against nightmares as it repels negative energy and releases tension build-up that can cause one to feel anxious and end up having bad dreams.

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    citrine crystal


    The Citrine crystal is known for bringing joy and abundance. With its empowering energy, it can help produce inspiring dreams and ward off pessimistic thoughts. If you have a recurring nightmare, this stone is also helpful in guiding you to overcome it and end the insufferable cycle. 

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    hematite crystal


    If you want a restful night’s sleep, the Hematite stone will be here to help. The calming and meditative properties of this crystal affect the mind, leaving you with a relaxed mindset. When your mind is untroubled, it’s easier to get quality sleep.

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    A Peaceful Sleep With Crystals

    Getting overwhelmed with messy thoughts, anxieties, and nightmares can easily make you lose sleep. With the proper use of the crystals mentioned above, you can say goodbye to your sleepless nights.

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