How to Beat Work-from-Home Burnout with Mindfulness

How to Beat Work-from-Home Burnout with Mindfulness

Is being stuck at home giving you a feeling of burnout? With the pandemic still going on in many parts of the world, most of us were forced to work remotely for months now. And until a vaccine is discovered, we will continue to live a remote life for an indefinite time.

To counter your work-from-home burnout, we are introducing mindfulness meditation in your daily routine.

In this post, discover five ways how mindfulness helps ease your WFH stress. Also, find three simple mindfulness meditation exercises you can try at work.


5 Ways How Mindfulness Helps with Burnout

mindfulness meditation at work

1. Mindfulness allows you to leave work behind

One of the many struggles of a WFH setup is separating your home life from work life. It is easy to go beyond your work hours when you’re working at home. Even when you’re done for the day, it is still difficult for your mind to “leave work” when your home is basically your workplace.

This work-life imbalance is a surefire way to cause burnout.

Mindfulness helps you develop the ability to truly leave your work behind after your work hours. Practicing mindfulness meditation helps you stay at the present moment without thinking of past and future worries. When you’re able to live in the present, you get to feel more relaxed at the end of your workday.


2. Mindfulness helps manage your emotions

Burnouts can cause certain negative emotions that render you incapable of your task. You may find yourself cynical at work, irritable, and having trouble getting started. You may also suffer from a lack of energy that you may carry even at the end of your shift.

Mindfulness helps you manage those emotions.

A mindful state allows you to observe negative thoughts so you can remain calm, present, alert, and self-aware. This also lets you deal with stress better and produce excellent results at work.


3. Mindfulness helps improve your focus

Working from home means plenty of distractions. At one moment, you’re working, and then you’ll find yourself doing the dishes or tending to your kids. It’s just hard to focus when you’re working at home.

Being mindful lets you know which tasks are your top priority, allowing you to focus on your present work. Mindfulness also helps you to have calm alertness that lets you stay on what you’re currently working on.


4. Mindfulness helps you stay motivated

Constant work stress can lead you off-track. You lose your drive to finish what you have to do and make you question why are you even doing it.

When you become a mindful individual, you learn more about yourself. You are able to find your inspiration and drive, and this sense of purpose can be channeled through your work.


5. Mindfulness lets you achieve greater job satisfaction

When you’re able to manage your emotions, stay focused, and keep motivated, you’re bound for greater job satisfaction. All these help in eliminating stress in both your work and home life, and ultimately, help in combating burnout in a WFH setting.

That’s why you have to start practicing mindfulness meditation to be more satisfied at work.


How to Do Mindfulness Meditation at Work

mindfulness meditation at work

If stress is starting to hamper your productivity and affect your home life, we recommend doing mindfulness meditation for at least 60-90 minutes per week.

Below are some simple mindfulness meditation exercises you can try to relieve workplace stress.

  • The Body Scan

In this exercise, you run through each of your body parts and pay close attention to them. The goal here is for you to become attuned to the present moment.

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  • Mindful Walk Exercise

Walking outside for a few minutes helps you develop an ability essential to mindfulness. This is the ability to observe your thoughts and emotions without reacting to distressing situations. The goal here is for you to be aware of the present moment so you can see things from a different perspective.

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  • 5 Senses Exercise

In this exercise, you use each of your five senses to notice things in your surroundings. You have to observe what you are experiencing at the moment. The goal here is for you to achieve a mindful state in a quick way.

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Start Your Mindfulness Meditation Today

It takes daily practice to achieve mindfulness that can combat WFH burnout. Begin your daily meditation and start noticing results soon. Download our mindfulness meditation music to help you feel more peaceful and relaxed while doing the above exercises.

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