A Complete Guide to Amethyst Crystal

Amethyst Crystal: Meaning, Properties, Benefits, & Uses

Are you suffering from a chaotic mind? If you want to find peace in the midst of chaos, amethyst is a stone that may be of help.

In this guide, discover how the amethyst crystal can help bring you peace of mind. Find out the meaning behind this gemstone, the properties it contains, its benefits, and how you can use amethyst to support your intention.


Amethyst Meaning

Amethyst is considered the stone of peace. It is believed to calm the mind, allowing one to find inner peace. It is also used to enhance intuition, balance emotions, and inspire spirituality.


Legend and History

Greek/Roman Legend

The amethyst stone’s purple color is tied with wine. According to Greek and Roman mythology, amethyst was a former nymph of the same name who was transformed into the crystal.

Amethyst the nymph was being chased by Bacchus, the Roman god of wine (or Dionysus, his Greek counterpart, the god of intoxication). To escape the god, the nymph prayed to the goddess Diana to save her. The goddess, taking pity of the nymph, turned her into a shiny white crystal.

Furious, Bacchus/Dionysus pour his wine on the stone, giving it the violet hue that it is known for today.


In old Egypt, the stone’s color represents royalty. Amethyst is often compared to the pharaoh’s powers. This stone can often be seen in tombs to protect against evil spirits.


In revelation, amethyst is one of the 12 gemstones that can be found in the walls of the heavens. Its deep purple color is linked to the wine that becomes the blood of Christ.


For the ancient Chinese, the amethyst stone symbolizes the doorway to the dream world. Thus, it is commonly used to inspire beautiful dreams and prevent people from having nightmares.


Amethyst Properties


Physical Properties

Amethyst is a semi-precious stone that belongs to the quartz family. As a variety of quartz, it can be found in many places, including Brazil, Uruguay, Russia, the USA, Canada, and South Korea.

It is also one of the few stones that come in purple color. The colors of amethyst range from light pink to deep purple, indigo, and violet. The deeper the color is, the higher the price.


Metaphysical Properties

Amethyst is best known for its metaphysical properties of peace, balance, and calmness. It is often used as a meditative stone, great if you’re looking to quiet your mind.

Much of amethyst’s metaphysical properties have something to do with its color. The deeper its hue, the more powerful the stone gets.


Healing Properties

Amethyst is often used to promote mental clarity, soothing your worries and stress to clear your headspace.

A clear mind helps you get through emotionally-tensed situations. The stone is great for dealing with arguments and making decisions without being overwhelmed by your emotions. It also protects you from getting caught up in emotional intoxication, such as indulging in a moment of passion.

In terms of physical healing, amethyst is claimed to help boost the immune system, enhance endocrine function, promote digestive health, improve the skin’s appearance, regulate hormones, and reduce headaches.


Chakra Properties

Amethyst is associated with the third eye chakra, the chakra that governs our intuition and imagination. It is also connected to the crown chakra, the chakra that rules our awareness and intelligence.

These connections can be rooted in the stone’s color. This also explains why amethyst works so well in clearing the mind as well as connecting us to the higher planes of energy.


Feng Shui Properties

In feng shui, amethyst is placed at home for its purification qualities. The stone is thought to help calm the emotions at homes that suffer from excessive arguments and misunderstandings.

The energy of the stone is also believed to improve your success at studying and learning.


Amethyst Benefits

Use amethyst if you want to:


Find Inner Peace

As the stone of peace, amethyst helps clear the mind of chaos so you can relax after a tiring day at work. It also provides a calming effect so you can achieve a state of balance in your mind, body, and spirit.


Promote Sobriety

Amethyst literally means “not intoxicated,” originating from the Greek word améthystos. When you use the crystal, it helps you maintain sober thinking when facing dire situations. It prevents you from being clouded with emotion when making decisions.


Tap Your Intuition

Amethyst’s relation with the third eye chakra allows you to strengthen your intuition. Your intuition guides you to overcome situations that involve emotional tensions, providing the wisdom you need to remain level-headed at all times.


Achieve Spiritual Awareness

As a stone that connects with the crown chakra, amethyst helps you reach a higher plane of awareness when meditating. It helps improve your concentration and elevate your energy during spiritual practices.


Purify Your Home

This purple stone is also said to contain vibrations with purification qualities. If you’re suffering from excessive arguments and misunderstanding at home, placing a piece of amethyst is believed to purify the negative energy surrounding your abode.


Amethyst Uses

If you want to harness the power of amethyst, here are a few ways you can use the stone.

  • Carry a small piece of the stone in your purse or pocket.
  • Wear amethyst jewelry, such as rings, necklaces, earrings, or bracelets.
  • Place tumbled amethyst stones or raw crystals in your home

You can meditate with the stone by placing it on the body part associated with the third eye or crown chakra. Then, set your intentions onto the stone so the amethyst will absorb your hope’s frequency.

Amethyst jewelry is also great because you can carry them with you for a long time, creating a bond with the crystal. The stronger your bond with the stone, the more powerful it gets.


How to Cleanse Amethyst

Because gemstones are thought to absorb energy, you need to cleanse and recharge your amethyst regularly. As a rule of thumb, cleanse it the first time you receive it, as well as when it’s already feeling dull or heavy.

How to cleanse and charge crystals: Soak it in running water such as ocean water, spring, or river. Visualize the impurities getting washed away as you cleanse the stone.

If you’re not living near any bodies of water, you can hold the crystal under tap water. Other methods include salt cleansing, moon cleansing, sage cleansing, or sound cleansing.


Amethyst Birthstone

amethyst birthstone

Amethyst is considered the birthstone for February, as well as the birthstone of Aquarius and Pisces.

Since the month is often short, dark, and cold, the amethyst provides peace, courage, and stability to those born in February. It is also commonly used to strengthen relationships.

People who have amethyst as their birthstone also share similar traits with the crystal. These individuals are often calm and spiritual. As a stone associated with the third eye and crown chakras, they are also naturally clever and creative.

But they are humble and quiet too, and they can be sensitive and easily hurt.

Using an amethyst helps them maintain or improve their clarity of mind, which allows them to overcome emotional tensions in a given situation.


Amethyst Jewelry

amethyst jewelry

There was a time when amethyst can only be worn by royalty, as purple has long been considered the color of nobility.

Now, anyone can wear amethyst, but it is especially useful to those born in February. Due to its regal purple color and metaphysical properties, amethyst is used to make rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

If you’re looking to find inner peace, sobriety, stability, or you want to tap into your intuitions, achieve a higher level of spiritual awareness, or need purification, wear a piece of amethyst jewelry.

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Final Words

Amethyst is a stone that is believed to bring peace of mind to those who own it. To harness the powers of the crystal, carry a piece of it, wear it as jewelry, or place it in your home.

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