2022 Chinese Horoscope: Is Your Zodiac Lucky?

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All of us are looking forward to the new year because as they say, “New year, new life!” We’re hoping to experience  new opportunities,  meet new people, and  simply get lucky.  

However, not everyone gets to be so lucky. The upcoming year may bring both good luck and misfortune. Whether your zodiac sign’s horoscope says you’ll be lucky or not, read on to find out what you can do to make the year 2022 still the best for you.

The Twelve Zodiac Signs

In Feng Shui, there are twelve zodiac signs represented by 12 animals: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. The Chinese Zodiac year begins and ends during  Chinese New Year which is around January or February, with each year in the repeating cycle representing one animal with its own attributes.

Feng Shui believes that a person’s zodiac sign (which is determined by the year they were born) defines a person’s horoscope, love compatibility, personality, and most importantly their fortune and luck. Each sign’s luck and fortune change depending on the cycle of the year, and their corresponding allies and enemies. 2022 is the year of the Tiger, and this means a number of zodiacs will find good fortune being allies of the Tiger, while others who are enemies might be a little unlucky. 

Regardless of being an ally or enemy, you can counter that negative energy by following some feng shui tips. Read on to find out what this new year has in store for you!



2022 is looking like 🤑 for you! The Rat is one of the luckiest signs financially as they are considered an ally of the Tiger. They will not run out of money, and their fortune will be a lot better than their previous year. However, people born in the year of the Rat might not be the luckiest in terms of health – this means they need to be extra careful. Wearing jewelry with  black obsidian,  like a  bracelet or  necklace, will help boost not only the Rat's luck and fortune, but also strengthen the body’s health and vitality.

🐂 OX 

People born in the year of the Ox will be overall lucky for the year 2022. They will experience good health and a stable relationship but will be the luckiest career-wise. If not starting a business, the Ox may expect a promotion at work soon. However, competition may remain tight among workmates, and the Ox may have the option of pursuing work at a better company or different workplace. To improve luck and development in career, they may use jewelry with the  golden Pixiu – a powerful creature known to attract both wealth, luck, and prosperity. Having a golden  Pixiu or Pi Yao will be good for manifesting success and luck in businesses and career enhancement.


The new year 2022 is the year of the Tiger. Despite this, the upcoming year will bring a lot of challenges and changes to those born in the year of this zodiac sign. While love and career opportunities may be stable and flourish for the Tiger, they may face challenges in wealth and must be careful in spending. For women, it is recommended to wear  yellow Citrine and Piyao bracelets which will encourage luck in money and prevent financial losses. While for men, a  tiger’s eye bracelet will be useful in gaining protection and increasing wealth and luck.


Like the Ox, the Rabbit will also be experiencing overall prosperity. The Rabbit is one of the signs that will be especially successful with love and relationships. It will be a time of peace and romantic opportunities. It may also be a good time to settle into a serious relationship. To further enhance the feelings of stability and maturity, it is recommended that those born in the year of the Rabbit wear items with amethyst – an element known to clear the mind and calm the heart. A bracelet like our  Amethyst Peace and Clarity bracelet will be helpful in clearing negative energy and enhancing the intuition which is necessary for decision-making regarding matters of the heart.


Those born in the year of the Dragon will not be as fortunate as the other signs. For the upcoming year, they will undergo many failures and will struggle to remain in control of their work and their daily lives. The Dragon will also feel very confused and lost especially at the beginning of the year. To combat the negative feelings of 2022, wearing a  red agate bracelet is recommended. This bracelet will work best in shielding away negative energy and bringing good luck, wealth, and stability for a confusing period.


The Snake is one of the unluckiest signs as it is the known enemy of the Tiger. They will experience instability in all aspects of career, wealth, and especially health. Destructive and negative influences are close to the Snake, and they must take extra caution with their health as there is a high probability of weakness and illness. To combat sicknesses, we recommend a  Jade Pixiu abundance protection bracelet. It will help keep negative energy away and protect the wearer while attracting good wealth and fortune.


Considered as one of the luckiest signs this coming new year, the Horse will enjoy increased abundance in finances, experience career growth, and maintain health and vitality. Good news indeed! To further increase the good fortune, those born under the year of the Horse should wear  copper beads bracelets as a good luck charm to ward off negative energy and attract positive spiritual energy throughout the year.


The Sheep is one of the zodiac signs that will also experience good fortune. They will experience overall prosperity and will enjoy a fruitful and fortunate year. Success will be most present in the Sheep’s career and relationships, and the best aid for this to be smooth-sailing would be an  Amethyst Healing Bracelet. It will help remove stress and purify negative energy, creating a positive spiritual shield for a continuously prosperous year.


Just like the Snake, the Monkey will experience great misfortune due to being one of the natural enemies of the Tiger. Things will be fickle and unsure for the Monkey and thus they need the aid of feng shui elements to ward off the negativity and instability of the year. To attract wealth, abundance, and good feng shui, place a  citrine money tree inside the  southeast area of the house.


The Rooster will experience prosperity during the year of the Tiger. They will gain great growth in their finances and careers, but ominous stars show that their health may be at risk so illnesses and accidents are highly possible. To ward off negativity in health and aid in vitality, it is recommended to wear a  Tiger’s Eye Pixiu bracelet. It has the dual power of protection and brings good fortune to its wearer, making it a great item for the Rooster.

🐕 DOG 

The new year is looking a whole lot better for the Dog than in previous years! They will gain good fortune and must use the upcoming opportunities to grow their finances and their career. However, they may also face health issues, particularly risks of physical injury and poor emotional or mental health. To remove worries and make the year a happy one, wear a  jade laughing buddha charm. It will also help increase the body’s vitality for maximum health protection.


Last but not the least, people born in the year of the Pig will experience both good and bad fortune this 2022. They will be prosperous in their finances and career but will have difficulties with health and relationship matters. To increase luck in  finding love or maintaining relationships, placing or carrying  rose quartz stones is ideal to boost love energy and increase the chakra of the heart. Having one for you and your loved one will also increase intentions of unconditional love (be it for family, friends, or partners).

Wear Your Zodiac

Now that you know what this coming year possibly holds for you, it’s time to make sure that you’re geared to attract all the luck you need! Regardless of your zodiac sign, wearing our  Red String Zodiac Bracelet will aid in bringing good fortune and warding off bad luck. Red is one of the luckiest colors in Chinese traditions, making it an extremely powerful charm and protection against negative energy.

Here at Inner Wisdom Store, we provide the best quality feng shui items made with you in mind. Choose your zodiac sign and wear it proudly while keeping the positive energy and protection with you too!

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