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What Makes a Real Citrine Money Tree?

A real citrine money tree is made of natural citrine stones for its leaves. It also features the feng shui money bag as its base. The base and trunk are usually made of resin while the branches are comprised of twisted copper wires.

what makes a real citrine money tree


Today, the marketplace is full of imitation feng shui trees that pass off colored glass as natural citrine. Money trees made of glass will not serve their purpose. You need to use an authentic citrine crystal tree to enjoy its benefits.


Using Genuine Citrine Crystal Tree in Feng Shui

In Chinese culture, a citrine crystal tree is a powerful feng shui cure for wealth. Many people place the gemstone plant at homes to stimulate the flow of money energy, promoting abundance and prosperity.

This feng shui tree sources its powers from the citrine stones attached to its branches.

Since ancient times, citrine is famed for its unique vibrations. These vibrations are thought to align with the frequencies of wealth found in our surroundings. This is what helps attract money energy into your space, allowing you to live a prosperous life.

Now, imagine if your “gemstone” tree leaves are made of colored glass? The tree WON’T have the vibrations of natural citrine stones, which makes it just a normal bonsai ornament.

A real feng shui money tree should be made of genuine crystals if you want to see its effects. It should also be “planted” in the feng shui money bag for optimum results. The feng shui money bag is another Chinese symbol of wealth.


How Can You Tell if Citrine is Real?

Natural citrine stones can be imitated using colored glass or baked amethyst, a less expensive crystal.

To tell real citrine crystals from fake ones, check the stones for bubbles. Natural citrine gemstones do not have bubbles. A single bubble inside the stone could be a sign that it is not genuine.

On the other hand, baked amethyst stones have a white, chalky look in some parts of the stone.


Display Only Natural Citrine Money Tree

Only a real citrine money tree has the power to attract wealth. Don’t fall for imitations that use cheap materials, disguising as authentic gemstone trees.

At Inner Wisdom Store, we offer only genuine feng shui trees for sale that are made of natural crystals. As a bonus, our items are also cleansed beforehand so you can get the most out of the experience.

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