Everything You Need to Know About Feng Shui Pixiu Mantra Ring

Let’s be honest: everyone wants luck and wealth. And while hard work usually pays off, it doesn’t hurt to use some jewelry that can easily increase your wealth energy. While feng shui has several gems and charms for this purpose, what better accessory is there to use than the feng shui pixiu mantra ring which combines both attracting luck in wealth and protection for its wearer.

Its unique wealth-attracting properties are your best bet in increasing your luck in money. In this article, we discuss why you should get this ring and why it’s the perfect fit for those wanting to increase their financial prosperity and amplify their luck while also being protected from negativity.

What is the Feng Shui Pixiu Mantra Ring?

A special ring that combines the wealth-increasing properties of the pixiu and the protection and luck of a mantra, these lucky symbols help the wearer achieve their financial goals and increase their overall luck. The Pixiu or the Pixiu Dragon originates from Chinese folklore.

The Legend of Pixiu a Chinese Folklore

According to legend, this  celestial creature can only consume treasures such as gold, silver, and the like. When the Jade Emperor sealed its anus, all the riches the pixiu had eaten stayed in its belly forever. Because of this, the pixiu has become a powerful symbol not only of luck but also of prosperity and wealth, attracting good fortunes and ensuring that these fortunes do not leave the person. When worn as an accessory, the pixiu helps bring in money and luck to its wearer.

What is a Mantra

mantra symbols that helps one archieve their goals from innerwisdomstore

A mantra is considered a sacred  utterance in Buddhism that is said to contain spiritual efficacy. Depending on the type of mantra used, its inscription and utterance deliver mystical properties that help its bearer achieve one’s goals. Mantras originate from the Sanskrit word man-, which means “to think”, and -tra which means “tool” and this translates the entire word to “being an instrument of thought”. Mantras are powerful verses that bring truth to the desires of those speaking the verses or syllabi. 


pixiu feng shui ring engraved with mantra symbols that helps you archieve your goals from innerwisdomstore

The pixiu mantra ring is engraved with the “six true words”, one of the most powerful Buddhist mantras not only for protection but also for luck. The combined power of these two symbols makes the ring a  potent tool for warding off negativity and inviting prosperity.

Uses and Advantages of Feng Shui Protection Ring

The wonderful qualities comprising the pixiu ring bring its wearer a lot of advantages. These include:


Accumulate Wealth

As already mentioned, the pixiu is a powerful symbol that attracts great wealth and money to its wearer. Having the pixiu image on a piece of accessory like the pixiu ring will surely attract wealth wherever one goes.


Protect All Your Riches

The pixiu not only attracts wealth but also ensures that this wealth does not leave your hands. Similar to how the riches and gold inside the pixiu cannot leave its belly, wearing the pixiu symbol will invite money that will remain and won’t leave your hands.


Bring Good Fortune 

The pixiu ring, while increasing the wealth of its wearer, also invites good fortune and luck, ensuring that no financial harm comes to the wearer.


Protect Against Negative Forces 

The pixiu ring also utilizes the power of the Omi Mani Padme Hum, a powerful Buddhist mantra known for its protection. Wearing the feng shui protection ring not only invites wealth but also protects its wearer from negativity and evil spirits.

How does the Pixiu Protection and Mantra Ring Work?

5 star review of feng shui pixiu mantra ring by client of innerwisdomstore

Wearing the feng shui ring for luck amplifies your protection and wealth-inducing energy, making it a potent accessory that will help increase your money and protect you from harm. Below, we discuss how the ring works to increase these benefits.

Protect and Grow Your Wealth

The pixiu ring features the famous symbol of the pixiu: a mythical creature known for being an icon of luck and good fortune. Wearing the pixiu ring will give you two benefits: an increase in wealth and the protection of this wealth

The mystical powers of the pixiu allow the wearer to grow their wealth abundantly. At the same time, similar to its origin and legend, the pixiu ring ensures that the wearer retains the wealth they acquire like how the riches and treasures cannot leave the sealed anus of the pixiu dragon. Using the pixiu ring will definitely help with your financial matters.


Wealth and Protection Ring Symbols

Aside from the beauty and aesthetics of the pixiu ring as an accessory, the powerful symbols engraved on it signify both wealth and protection. The Pixiu Dragon is generally shown to be having a dragon head with a lion body, sometimes having wings or horns. Its origins and legend make it a symbol of wealth, especially seen in the pixiu ring, bringing great fortune and luck to the wearer. 

The Om Mani Padme Hum or the “six true words” is one of the most powerful  symbols and protection mantras. Having it engraved in the pixiu ring allows for the cleansing of negativity surrounding the wearer, inviting great luck and fortune instead. Each syllable in the mantra cleanses a specific negative emotion, protecting the wearer from harm:

  • Om” purifies Ego
  • Ma” purifies Jealousy
  • Ni” purifies Desire
  • Pad” purifies Ignorance
  • Me” purifies Greed
  • Hum” purifies Hatred

Listen how the mantra is been recited:

Having the pixiu dragon and the six true words mantra engraved on the ring makes it a potent source of good luck and prosperity.

Buddhist Ring of Protection

 buddhists working with a powerful mantra to archieve their goals

The feng shui ring for luck is also called the Buddhist ring of protection because of its unique property of having the Om Mani Padme Hum engraved inside, granting the wearer its strong energies of protection and keeping the wearer away from harm.

The mantra engraving is one of the most powerful protection mantras, creating vibrations of positivity while clearing the bad energy surrounding the wearer. It protects the wearer of the ring from harm and cleanses impurities in the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of the person. Wearing and using the Buddhist ring of protection will especially help those struggling to overcome the adverse energy weakening their good fortune and health.


The Two Types of Pixiu

The Pixiu Dragon is a uniquely mythical creature that attracts and preserves wealth while also warding off negative spirits. Because of its mystical powers, it has now been widely used as a symbol of money and prosperity. However, you may notice that some symbols of the pixiu may slightly be different from others, especially in the way they look. This is because there are two types of Pixiu: a male and a female.


The Male Pixiu Tiān lù

The Male Pixiu Tiān lù black in a temple

The male pixiu is also called the Tiān lù. It is in charge of gathering wealth and is often depicted as having only one antler. It is said that the male pixiu is the one who goes out into the world to look for gold, riches, and treasures, which it then brings back to its master’s house. It is attracted to the smell of gold and silver, which it brings to its master through its mouth. Thus, the male pixiu is in charge of drawing the money into the household.


The Female Pixiu Bìxié

The Female Pixiu Bìxié

On the other hand, the female pixiu or the Bìxié is in charge of taking care of the riches and wealth gathered by the Tiān lù. The female species is in charge of preserving the wealth and ensuring it remains with its master, and in doing so also wards off the evil spirits that may take away the riches. The Bìxié also protects its master by cleansing negativity especially from those suffering from bad feng shui, ensuring that the wealth gathered by the Tiān lù remains with its master.

This is the reason why the female and male pixiu are often used in pairs, as they work hand in hand to bring wealth and preserve it for its master or wearer.

How to Activate The Pixiu Ring

While wearing the feng shui ring may already help increase your positive energies, there are a number of steps that you can take to further activate the mystical powers of the ring:


Cleanse Your Pixiu Ring

Wearing the pixiu ring on a daily basis, especially when going out may cause it to accumulate too much energy, dulling its wealth-attracting properties. That’s why it is important to always cleanse your ring before use, preferably at least once a month. More frequent usage also means that the ring should be cleaned more often. 

Cleansing is done on a physical and spiritual level. Physically, the ring must be cleansed by being wiped with a soft cloth, removing physical impurities. On a spiritual level, cleansing can be done in two ways. The first possible method is through moonlight cleansing, where the moon’s energy can absorb the excess energy in the ring. Do this by simply placing your ring in an area where there is moonlight, especially after a period of usage. The second and more common method is sage cleansing, which also purifies your ring’s energy. Do this by burning sage and letting the smoke from the tip pass over the ring for about 5 minutes.

Keep a Mantra in Mind

While the pixiu mantra ring already has the necessary properties to attract wealth and protection, aiding it through the use of a mantra may further help in manifesting greater outcomes and activating its powers. 

Aside from the already positive powers brought by the symbols of the pixiu and the Om Mani Padme Hum, it does not hurt to align your energy with your intentions and desires. For example, stating “I attract energies of prosperity, abundance, and positivity” daily will further help the powers of the ring. Having this mantra and mindset every day will help you manifest your desires for good fortune faster. As the saying goes, “What the mind conceives, the body achieves.” Aligning your intentions towards success will help you attract this energy as well.

Feed your Pixiu

The pixiu is a creature known to feed on gold, silver, and riches. To further activate your pixiu ring, you must train and teach your pixiu to attract wealth. You may do this by placing your pixiu ring in a bowl filled with coins, gems, and other treasures. However, make sure not to include paper bills as the pixiu is not at all attracted to this. Feeding the pixiu must be done annually, especially before the upcoming Chinese New Year to ensure that the pixiu can attract riches.

How to Wear Pixiu Mantra Ring

Wearing the pixiu mantra ring can surely bring an abundance of good luck and wealth to its wearer. Wearing the ring properly will help you achieve maximum benefit. To do this, remember that the ring must be worn on the middle finger, as this allows it to connect the gap between that finger and the index finger, where the palm’s Wealth Line runs. Also make sure that the ring is worn on the left hand, which is considered the receiving hand. This will ensure that money abundantly flows and enters your palms, and does not leave it.

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Who Can Wear Pixiu?

Anyone from the ages of 16 to 70 may wear the Feng Shui Ring original. The age limit is necessary because of the inherent power of the pixiu, and those outside this age group may not be able to suppress the vital energy absorbed and released by the pixiu, which is a fierce and powerful creature. The only exception to this, if you are not included in the age group, is if you are physically active or engage in meditation regularly, as these activities do increase the vital energy in your body.


Who Cannot Wear Pixiu?

As already mentioned, those not within the aforementioned age group cannot wear the ring because they are not capable of handling the energy of the pixiu due to their low Qi or vital energy. With this, pregnant women are also not advised to wear the pixiu ring as the attraction of abundant energy forces may cause harm to both the mother and the baby. People who are also sick with constipation or indigestion must temporarily not wear the pixiu ring due to the nature of the pixiu having no anus, which may cause more problems with their excretion.

The Feng Shui Ring Rules You Should Never Break

Aside from limitations for those who cannot wear the pixiu ring, one must also remember certain feng shui rules that need to be followed at all times. This is to ensure that the mystic powers of the ring are abundantly achieved; such rules are as follows:

  1. Do wear the ring for a prolonged time to maintain a bond with the pixiu.
  2. Do touch the pixiu frequently. The pixiu is a very spiritual creature. Doing this ensures that you're able to maintain a bond with the pixiu, inspiring its loyalty to bring you riches.
  3. Do respect the pixiu mantra ring. Its wealth-attracting and negative-warding properties will not work if you do not believe in the ring’s powers. Manifesting good energy while using the ring is also very important.

On the other hand, some measures should also be avoided:

  1. Do not let other people touch your ring. This will confuse the pixiu’s loyalty and may cause it to divert its energies towards other people.
  2. Do not wear the ring while bathing and especially when you are asleep. The fierce energy of the pixiu may disturb your sleep and cause harm. 
  3. Do not place the pixiu ring facing your bed nor your mirror, as its aggressive nature may further disturb your rest. Upon removal of the ring, ensure that you place it facing your living room or a window outwards, to continue inviting abundant wealth energy while you are asleep.

Where to Get an Original Pixiu Jewelry

The feng shui ring for luck is one of the best accessories you can use to help boost your money luck while protecting yourself from the negativities of life. If you have reached the end of this article, then you already know all the necessary things you need to increase your wealth and energy and absolve any current financial issues that may be causing you stress and worries.

Now that you’ve decided to help increase your wealth energy and prosperity, make sure you get it from a reliable store that has your best intentions in mind.  The Feng Shui Pixiu Mantra Ring Original by Inner Wisdom Store is made of quality silver and copper that will surely look fashionable and will cater to your pixiu mantra ring needs. This pixiu mantra ring is also adjustable and available in both men's and women’s sizes so you have no worries about the ring’s fitting. 

Inner Wisdom Store has been a leading source of  empowered jewelry rooted in ancient practices, combining the wisdom of the past in transforming lives in the present. It is dedicated to bringing you spiritual pieces of jewelry like the chinese pixiu mantra ring that will surely bring you abundant energies of success and prosperity.

Taking Care of Pixiu

Now that you have taken the first step towards greater financial prosperity and spiritual protection through getting your very own Feng Shui Pixiu Mantra Ring original, remember to take care of it by following the dos and don'ts listed earlier. Provide your ring with respect, remember to regularly cleanse it, and take care of it so that the pixiu may provide you with abundant riches and protect you from harm.

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I would like to purchase original ring for me.
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I would like to purchase original ring for me.
Men size



Great is my ring

Great is my ring



I have the ring but want to know the do and don’t about it please.

I have the ring but want to know the do and don’t about it please.

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