Where and How to Wear Feng Shui Pixiu Mantra Ring

The pixiu mantra feng shui ring is an amazing ring that can help bring good fortune, wealth, and spiritual protection in your hands. The unique symbols of the pixiu dragon and the six true words mantra engraved on it make it not only a fashionable piece of jewelry but also a charm for good luck.

However, buying the ring is not enough – you need to know how to wear the mantra ring properly so you can gain the greatest benefits.

In this article, we discuss how to wear lucky mantra ring so you can make the most out of its many benefits, including attracting good fortune, increasing wealth, and being protected from negativity and evil spirits. 

How to Wear The Feng Shui Pixiu Mani Mantra Protection Wealth Ring

The feng shui pixiu mantra protection has mystical powers that bring its wearer good luck and prosperity. It is essential to wear the wealth protection ring properly to gain the advantages brought by the pixiu dragon and the Om Mani Padme Hum mantra engraved within it. 

To maximize its power, you must understand how to wear the feng shui pixiu ring. To do this, you must wear it on the middle finger on either the left or right hand, depending on one’s gender. If you are a man, you must wear the ring on the middle finger of the left hand. On the other hand, if you are a woman, you must wear the ring on the middle of your right hand.

What if I Wear the Feng Shui Ring in The Wrong Finger?

where and how to wear feng shui pixiu mantra ring article by innerwisdomstore

Knowing how to wear pixiu ring is as important as knowing its purpose. Putting the ring on the wrong finger may not cause catastrophic damage but it may reduce its wealth-attracting properties. Remember that each finger in your hand serves as an extension of the energy attracted by the ring, and this makes the middle finger the best for wealth-attracting energy.

Putting the pixiu mantra ring on your ring finger instead of your middle finger, for example, will attract more energy for harmonious relationships rather than wealth and money. This is why it is important to wear your ring on the correct finger.


Which Finger Should the Pixiu Ring Be Worn on for Wealth Feng Shui?

where and how to wear feng shui pixiu mantra ring article by innerwisdomstore

The chinese pixiu mantra ring how to wear reminders is vital in attracting wealth to come to you. The ring must be worn on the middle finger because this is the finger associated with attracting wealth.

In the art and practice of palm reading, the vertical line found below the middle finger, extending towards the wrist is called the "money line". The money line is also associated with your career and fortune, which the pixiu dragon will help bring abundance to.

Ways to draw the Pixiu Ring Power

There are several ways to fully activate the spiritual powers of the pixiu mantra ring. Remember to follow these steps so that you can fully gain its wealth-attracting energy:

  • Cleanse your ring regularly.  Like how feng shui pixiu mantra ring how to wear reminders are important, regular cleansing of the ring is vital too. Wearing the pixiu mantra ring daily while building a bond with the pixiu often results in the absorption of excess energy that may weaken the wealth-attracting properties of the pixiu. To avoid this, remember to cleanse your ring regularly in both a physical and spiritual manner.

Physically, you may cleanse your ring with a soft cloth to remove dirt. Spiritually, you may clean it in many ways like moonlight cleansing, in which you place your ring in an area where the moon’s light is visible and can absorb the excess energy of the ring. Another known way is through using a cleansing bowl and mallet. Place your ring next to the bowl and strike the bowl with the mallet, letting the sound wash over your ring, recharging it. Do this for 5-10 minutes.

  • Keep an intention in mind.  While the wealth-attracting properties and protection of the pixiu mantra ring bring great benefits, it’s important that you respect the pixiu and also align your daily intentions to its energy.

Knowing the feng shui pixiu mantra ring how to wear may not be enough. Having a daily mantra like “I attract wealth and abundance” will also help you manifest increased energies of prosperity. Say it daily while wearing the ring to further help the pixiu’s powers.

Remember: Only by believing the spiritual powers of the pixiu mantra ring can you fully activate its powers.

  • Create a bond with your pixiu The pixiu helps best when it is loyal to you. This is why it’s important to create a bond with it to gain its loyalty. Pet or rub the pixiu regularly, particularly its body. This is similar to how you would be touching a pet.

However, make sure that you avoid touching the pixiu’s mouth and eyes as these are the body parts it uses to look for treasures. Also, make sure to follow the feng shui pixiu mani mantra protection wealth ring how to wear and regularly wear it so that it becomes acquainted with its master.

Remember:  Do not let other people touch your pixiu as this may confuse its loyalty.

  • Feed your pixiu.  The pixiu dragon is a mythical creature known for consuming gold, silver, and treasures. However, while the pixiu naturally searches and attracts wealth, you must also know how to use mantra ring and train it to look for riches.
Whenever you are not wearing your ring, make sure to place it in a bowl filled with precious treasures such as gold, coins, or even gemstones. It is preferable for the bowl to be made of sterling silver so that it also cleanses your ring’s excess energy when not in use. Placing your ring in this bowl will teach your pixiu to hunt for similar treasures and bring them to your hands.

Do not bother placing paper bills and money as the pixiu is not attracted to these. It’s necessary that you do this regularly especially before the celebration of the Chinese New Year.

Remember:  Aside from the feng shui pixiu mani mantra protection wealth ring how to wear, you must also place your pixiu facing outwards, such as in front of a window or facing your living room. This will allow your pixiu to continue inviting wealth and prosperity into your home even when you are not wearing it.

Where to Get an Original Pixiu Jewelry

Now that you know how to use mantra ring and wear it properly, it’s also vital to pay attention to where you get it from. Having an original Pixiu Mantra Ring is but a small  investment towards abundant financial prosperity and protection in the years to come.

When choosing to buy your ring, make sure to get it from a reputable store that has your best intentions in mind. The Pixiu Mantra Ring from Inner Wisdom is your best option if you choose to get this magnificent jewelry. Made of quality silver and copper and with an adjustable size, it is the perfect ring for male and female hands. With the golden pixiu symbol and the engraved six true words mantra, it is an exquisite ring that will surely invite financial prosperity and protection.

Inner Wisdom has been a long  trusted source of empowered jewelry rooted in ancient practices. With hand-picked items charged with promoting spiritual healing and prosperity, there is no doubt that the jewelry Inner Wisdom offers has YOU in mind. Inner Wisdom is dedicated to promising you a better quality of energy work so that the art of spiritual practice is a journey of discovery rather than of fear. 

Taking Care of Pixiu

There is no doubt that the pixiu mantra ring is a fantastic piece of jewelry that will help improve your financial success and repel negative energy. Having reached the end of this article, you now know how to wear feng shui pixiu mantra ring and how to use the ring properly. You are now ready to get one of your own!

Once you have gotten your ring, make sure to follow the steps on how to activate your pixiu mantra ring, including the proper method of cleansing, storage when not in use, and feeding your pixiu. As with anything in this world, it is important that you align your intentions towards a mantra that will aid the pixiu’s wealth-attracting properties. Work hard and do your best, and watch the pixiu mantra ring bring riches and prosperity to the palm of your hands!

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