Why Do Celebrities Wear The Red Lucky Bracelet?

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Celebrities Wearing Red Bracelet

The charm of the red lucky bracelet has taken the world by storm. From youngins to older generations, people have been donning this red string especially in recent years thanks to the influence of celebs such as Madonna, Leonardo DiCaprio, Angelina Jolie, Ariana Grande, and BTS' V who have all been seen wearing one too.

But why do celebrities wear a red lucky bracelet?

In this article, we will explore the possible reasons why these A-listers are wearing this iconic red string. Whether it’s just for fashion or something deeper, let’s discover the power of this bracelet together.


Wearing a Lucky Red Bracelet

Celebrities wear accessories for various reasons. However, for many of them, specifically wearing a red rope on their wrist could be a sign of their faith.

While this may be an incredibly valid reason, others could also be wearing the red thread for its many known benefits – especially for protection.

Let's take a look at some celebs and their reasons for wearing the said bracelet below.

Red Threaded Lucky Bracelets Symbolize Faith

Madonna red bracelet

The craze behind red strings started in the late 90s when pop star icon Madonna immersed herself in the practice of Kabbalah, the mystical form of Judaism.

She has worn the red lucky bracelet in a lot of gatherings and events, gaining attention from the public and the media. In Kabbalist tradition, the red rope symbolizes embracing the religion and is believed to be a powerful item in warding off evil.

Other popular celebs who joined in on Madonna’s newfound faith at that time were Britney Spears, Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton to name a few.

In most recent times, artists like Ariana Grande also sported the same red bracelet to show her Kabbalist faith.

Another famous celebrity of the younger generation that was seen wearing the red string is Harry Styles.

The pop star is known to wear several bracelets, especially during his One Direction days, and news said he might have followed the steps of one of his idols, The Rolling Stones’ Sir Mick Jagger who is also linked to the Kabbalah religion.

Red String Bracelets Ward Off the Evil Eye

Aside from showing faith, the Kabbalah red string bracelet celebrities wear is also specifically used to ward off the “evil eye”.

The evil eye, also known as nazar, is a malicious gaze or malevolent glare that causes negative energies to enter one’s life, harming victims and bringing in bad luck.

Since famous people are prone to malicious gazes from the public eye, they found solace in the “powers” of the red thread bracelet.

One of the many Hollywood personalities that believes the protective power of the red lucky bracelet is actress Lisa Rinna.

Color Red Bracelets Bring Good Luck

Leonardo DiCaprio red bracelet

Another famous personality spotted wearing a red bracelet is Leonardo DiCaprio.

The veteran actor was seen wearing a red bracelet during his meeting with Pope Franics in 2016 and at the SAG Awards during a Q&A session for his film, The Revenant.

However, unlike the previous celebrities mentioned, Leo isn’t associated with Kabbalah.

It was said that he picked up the red lucky bracelet while visiting Angkor Wat in Cambodia during a trip with his family and best pal Lukas Haas.

The monks in Cambodia are known for giving these blessed red bracelets away in return for a donation. Such bracelets are popular with tourists as they are believed to bring good luck to its wearer.

Red String Bracelets Have Personal Meanings

taehyung red string bracelet

While many wear the red lucky bracelet for certain reasons such as faith and luck, others may simply wear them as an accessory or because of a personal meaning.

Among the younger icons of today, K-pop idol Taehyung or V of BTS has also been seen wearing the red rope.

However, the South Korean artist never revealed his reason for donning the bracelet. So, one can only assume why these talented young men are wearing one.

Various accessories are popularly worn in the Kpop industry and he could simply be wearing the red string for fashion. Nonetheless, it could also be for personal reasons we would never know of.

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons why celebrities and people in general would wear a lucky red string bracelet.

Some may find comfort in wearing it, believing in the string's luck and protection benefits, while others do it to make a statement about their faith and personal beliefs.

And for some others, it can just simply be a fashion piece to go with their everyday outfit.

Whatever the reason is, only one thing is for sure: wearing red threads continues to be a fad today.

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Jews rule Hollywood, big shocker there.

Jews rule Hollywood, big shocker there.

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