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How to Wear Red String Bracelet to Activate Its Powers

Confused about how you should wear your red string bracelet?

Knowing how to wear a red string is important if you want to activate its full potential. In this guide, we will answer which wrist should you wear your bracelet on. Also, we will tackle other frequently asked questions about the red thread.

To start, let’s find out the different reasons for wearing the red string.


What Does Wearing a Red String Bracelet Mean?

People wear a red string on their wrist for various reasons.

First, it could be because they want to attract good luck. Wearing a feng shui bracelet for luck is popular in the Chinese tradition.

Second, red strings could signify one’s religious beliefs. For instance, practitioners of Kabbalah often wear a red string to show their faith in religion.

Aside from faith, Kabbalist would often wear the red thread to ward off the “evil eye,” a malicious stare that could harm its victims.

Lastly, wearing a red thread could mean one is looking for his destined half. Ever heard of the “string of fate”? It’s a practice that originated in Asian countries like China and Japan.

For those who believe that red strings hold innate powers, such as in the feng shui tradition, there is a proper way of wearing the bracelet to activate its effects.


Which Wrist Should I Wear a Red String On?

How to Wear Red String Bracelet

You should wear a red string on your left wrist.

Wearing a red string on the left wrist means you are receiving the powers of the bracelet. This concept is part of the Kabbalist belief that the left part is the receptive side of the body.

Conversely, the right side is the giving side. Wearing a red string on the right wrist means you are giving away the powers of the bracelet.

However, feng shui beliefs also tell that you should wear your bracelet on your non-dominant hand.

Since there are varying rules, we advise you to wear the red string on either left hand or non-dominant hand, whatever your instinct tells you.


How Many Times Should I Tie the Red String?

You might have heard that you should knot the red string seven times to make it work. That’s if you’re wearing a Kabbalah red string.

This may not apply to red string bracelets of different purpose, say, our red string Piyao bracelet or our lucky Tibetan Buddhist bracelet.

If you’re wearing a non-Kabbalah bracelet, all you need to remember is to tie it on your receiving hand.


Can I Remove My Red String Bracelet?

Many cultures say that removing the bracelet will bring bad luck to its owner. This can be associated with red strings acting as protection bracelets.

When you wear a red string, it keeps you safe from negative energies, misfortune, and evil forces. That's why if you remove it, you are taking off the protective “barrier” that the bracelet has created around you.

The same goes for cutting the red string.

Legends tell that the bracelet must fall off on its own. This signifies that the red string has absorbed too much negative energy already. Or it has already served its purpose, which means you have already achieved your goals or are close to reaching it.


Activate Your Red String

How to Wear Red String Bracelet

Our goal at Inner Wisdom Store is for you to get the most out of our red string bracelets. And with the proper way of wearing this lucky bracelet, we hope you get to benefit from its full potential.

May the power of red strings be with you!


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3 Responses

Ma.lourdes Villagonzalo
Ma.lourdes Villagonzalo

April 22, 2021

The power of Red string is true in my experience,and it was just fall off on its own after years of wearing it, and i think its already serve its purpose.

Inner Wisdom Store
Inner Wisdom Store

November 10, 2020

Hi Jayne,

It’s fine wearing the red string without tying it.

We hope you get the most out of your bracelet!


November 10, 2020

Hi team
My bracelet fits me well but I can’t tie it even once otherwise it will be too tight is that ok
Regards jayne

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