Tiger Eye Bracelet: Meaning, Properties and Benefits

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Do you feel afraid to take on new opportunities? Or do you find yourself holding back from pursuing your goals? Then, the tiger eye bracelet is for you.

Like most charm crystals, this amulet is said to hold certain properties to empower one’s self. It is believed to give you a boost of self-confidence and courage to go after what you want.

Read the guide below to learn more about the tiger eye stone bracelet. Discover the meaning and benefits of wearing this crystal charm. Also, find answers to the frequently asked questions about this stone. 


Tiger Eye Bracelet Meaning

A tiger eye bracelet is traditionally worn to protect against evil. Since ancient times, the stone is used to ward off ill-wishes and curses cast upon the wearer.

Aside from protection, it is also used to promote a clear mind so the wearer can better see the world.

Many also wear this piece to draw out the courage, strength, and self-confidence of the Tiger sleeping inside of them.


Tiger Eye Stone Properties

Physical Properties

Tiger eye is best known for its chatoyancy effect, wherein the bands and colors of the stone move like a cat’s eye against the light. It is formed when long fibers of quartz spread with crocidolite fibers.

Since tiger eye can be found in many regions such as South Africa, Australia, Thailand, India, Brazil, Namibia, and the US, you can buy tiger eye jewelry at an affordable price.

Metaphysical Properties

Tiger eye is a variety of quartz identified for its bands of colors that resemble a cat’s eye. The standard tiger eye gemstone is a mix of gold, brown, and yellow stripes. However, it also comes in various natural colors, including reddish-brown and blue.

Each of the tiger eye colors is believed to inspire slightly different effects:

  • Gold Tiger Eye: the standard color, often with a speck of yellow and brown. Used to encourage attention to detail on top of promoting mental clarity and self-confidence.
  • Red Tiger Eye: Used to promote vitality, overcoming the lethargy of the body, mind, or spirit.
  • Blue Tiger Eye: Used to ease and release stress, as well as boost one’s creativity.

Chakra Properties

Tiger eye is associated with three of our lower chakras: the root chakra, solar plexus chakra, and sacral chakra. Because of these connections, this stone is a great help to your emotional and spiritual needs.

The crystal is especially helpful to balance the energy in your solar plexus chakra, which governs your personal power and confidence. When energy flows smoothly in the said chakra point, you feel more powerful and confident about yourself.

The stone’s connection to the root and sacral chakra also gives you a boost in stability and creativity.

Feng Shui Properties

In Chinese tradition, the tiger eye is one of the most popular feng shui crystal bracelets to improve life.

This stone is commonly used as a clearing and protection bracelet. The Chinese use the stone to protect themselves from negative energies and attract good luck.

The tiger eye feng shui bracelet is also worn to clear and calm the mind.


Benefits of Wearing a Tiger Eye Charm Bracelet

Wear the tiger eye crystal bracelet if you want to enjoy the following benefits:

Protection from Evil

In some cultures, the tiger eye stone is believed to ward off the Evil Eye. The evil eye is a curse made through a malevolent glare. This curse causes negative energy that may inflict harm to the victim.

The bright colors of the stone are said to counter the Evil Eye.

Clears the Mind

The healing properties of tiger eye gemstone work well with those suffering from mental troubles. If you’re feeling like your mind is clouded and you want to keep your thinking straight, the clearing energy of the stone can be beneficial to you.

Tiger eye is believed to promote mental clarity. It allows you to see the world better with a clear-eyed vision, just like of a tiger. It also improves your attention to detail, which helps greatly when faced with situations that need tough decision-making.

Builds Courage

If you find yourself fearing the unknown, the stone connects with your third chakra, the solar plexus chakra, that rules your confidence.

This brings out your personal power hidden inside of you. When you’re able to touch that power, it gives you the strength and the courage to overcome your fears. Then, it allows you to conquer the unknown and venture into new opportunities with great confidence.

Promotes Vitality

Using the stone also helps improve your vitality. The fiery energy of the tiger eye is thought to pull you out of a slump, especially when you’re suffering from seasonal depression. The new wellspring of energy awakens your motivation and gives you the strength to rise into action.

Keeps You Grounded

Combining the elements of sun and Earth, the tiger eye stone is thought to emit stabilizing and grounding vibrations. This allows you to connect with your root chakra, which lets you remain grounded to reality and focused all the time amidst the chaos of a fast-paced life.

That’s why a tiger eye is helpful for mindful meditation or for performing other spiritual practices.

Attracts Good Fortune

Since the stone helps build your courage, it allows you to seize new opportunities that come your way. This includes opportunities in your career and business. As a courage-boosting stone, it helps you overcome wealth blocks rooted in your fear of the unknown.

The clearing energy of tiger eye stone also helps you make the right decisions when it comes to your finances. That’s why it is recommended to wear the tiger eye charm bracelet when you’re sealing a deal or attending a business meeting.


How to Wear a Tiger Eye Stone Bracelet

how to wear tiger eye bracelet

Wear the feng shui bracelet on your receptive hand. The receptive hand is the left hand. It allows you to receive the stone’s energy.

Be sure to set your intention onto the stone. For example, speak or mentally project affirmations while wearing the bracelet, e.g., “I have the courage to pursue my goals.”

Repeat the affirmation 8-12 times. It’s also best to mediate with the protection bracelet regularly.


How to Cleanse Your Tiger Eye Crystal Bracelet

To keep your tiger eye chakra bracelet in good shape, cleanse it at least once a month.

You can simply wash it with running water to cleanse the negative energy that accumulated in the stone beads.

But for deep cleansing, you can bury it in the ground to recharge it with the Earth’s energy. You can also leave it under the moonlight to restore the crystal’s vibrations.

Learn how to cleanse and charge crystals.


The Best Combination to Use with Tiger Eye

The tiger eye stone works great on its own. But as a member of the quartz family, it also works well with other crystals.

You can boost the powers of the tiger eye with other quartz like wearing a citrine bracelet.

If you feel like the energy of the tiger eye is overpowering, you can use crystals like rose quartz and amethyst to benefit from their soothing energy.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which hand to wear my tiger eye bracelet?

Wear the tiger eye healing bracelet on your receptive hand, which is the left hand.

  1. What does it mean when my tiger eye protection bracelet broke?

This means the bracelet has served its purpose, protecting you from the Evil Eye. Bury it in the ground to return it to Earth.

  1. Who can wear a tiger eye crystal?

If you’re lacking self-confidence, needs a boost in courage, or suffering from unclear thoughts, the tiger eye gemstone bracelet is for you. This protection bracelet is also great if you’re feeling you’re getting malevolent glares from people around you.

  1. Is tiger eye dangerous to wear?

Tiger eye is safe to wear. Although it formed in part of crocidolite, which is a type of asbestos, it has completely covered the mineral with quartz. Even if the stone beads crack, it is unlikely for you to breathe in the material.

  1. Is green tiger eye real?

Natural tiger eye comes in gold, brown, yellow, blue, reddish brown, and gray-blue colors. A bright green tiger eye is most probably dyed and unnatural.

  1. Is blue tiger eye real?

Although the blue tiger eye is rarer than the standard color, it’s real. However, you have to watch out for bright blue variation. The natural blue should be a mix of gray-blue to black-blue, as the bright blue is most likely dyed.

  1. How can I tell if my tiger eye stone is real?

Check the colors. Natural tiger eye is usually gold, brown, yellow, reddish-brown, or gray-blue. The stone is also known for its chatoyancy effect, so look for the movement in the rock when shined in the light. It should appear that the bands of color are moving like a cat’s eye.


Where to Buy a Real Tiger Eye Bracelet

buy tiger eye bracelet

If you’re looking for an authentic tiger eye bracelet, we offer the crystal charm at Inner Wisdom Store. Get your amulet cleansed and blessed with a powerful mantra to enjoy the most out of your item.

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Wear the tiger eye charm bracelet if you want to protect yourself from the Evil Eye, enjoy a clear mind, or build courage and confidence to pursue your goals. You can also wear this crystal charm to promote vitality, attract wealth, and keep yourself spiritually grounded.

What do you think of the meaning and benefits of the tiger eye bracelet? Would you be getting one for yourself or for someone you know who needs it?

We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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I have purchased one for myself the colour is reddish with pink I received today and it is very beautiful and to read about what it means I am great full. Thank you

I have purchased one for myself the colour is reddish with pink I received today and it is very beautiful and to read about what it means I am great full. Thank you

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