Tibetan Bracelet To Wear: Red vs. Black

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In our previous blog posts, we discussed the  importance of wearing a Tibetan bracelet and the multiple benefits one can gain from it. Tibetan bracelets are a symbol of faith in the Buddhist tradition, providing the wearer not only with good luck but also protection from negativity. We also talked about the different materials a Tibetan bracelet can be made with and the unique purpose each one brings. But did you know that there is also a variety of colors that symbolize different meanings?

In this article, we will be discussing two main colors of the Tibetan bracelet: the Red and Black. Read on to find out which color is best suited for you!

Red String Tibetan Bracelet

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The red string bracelet is the more prominently known type of bracelet due to its rich history and significance in multiple cultures. First and foremost, the color symbolizes the life force of the human person, representing preservation and security. It is the color related to our “root chakra”. People who want more stability and a more solid foundation physically and mentally should use a red string bracelet.

The red-colored bracelet is known to protect its wearer from harm and negativity while blessing the person with good luck. Because of the rich tradition of the red string bracelet, the purpose of wearing one can vary greatly and depend ultimately upon the wearer. In Chinese tradition, the red string symbolizes the Red Thread of Fate which intertwines the lives of those destined to connect. On the other hand, with Christianity, the red string symbolizes redemption. With this, one should wear a red Tibetan bracelet by setting a specific intention and aligning your purpose with it to achieve whichever tradition you believe the red string bracelet is best suited for. Our handmade  Tibetan Red String Buddhist Bracelet, for example, is already blessed with power. Having been made authentically by Buddhist monks who chant mantras, this bracelet has powerful vibrations that help positively impact a person’s will. The red string bracelet is best suited for those who believe in its multiple benefits in cultures and traditions.

Black String Tibetan Bracelet

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Like the red string bracelet, the black string version also hosts a multitude of benefits unique to it. The color of the string bracelet is important as it represents the energy surrounding Buddha upon reaching enlightenment – specifically the state of mind and chakra directly linked with it. In the case of black, this color represents darkness and negative emotions such as anger and hatred. In the Buddhist tradition, wearing a black string bracelet helps fight these negative traits. It also plays a role in the awakening of wisdom and enlightenment of one's mind. Those struggling to fight negative thoughts and emotions and who need help in clearing the mind and the heart may find the black string bracelet particularly useful.

From clearing negative energy to providing protection, the black string bracelet is indeed helpful for those seeking to improve their spirituality. Black string bracelets hold immense spiritual power that helps increase stability and self-control. People struggling to control certain urges or inhibitions may find black string bracelets beneficial in breaking negative habits or vices. As it is associated with Lord Shani in Hinduism, the black string also blesses its wearer with renewed hope and enthusiasm for a more prosperous and spiritually-charged life. Our  Tibetan Black String Buddhist Bracelet is handmade and loaded with the power of mantras from Buddhist monks. These mantras are necessary for achieving the abundant benefits black string bracelets bring. It also helps not only in protecting one from negativity but also in achieving genuine happiness. If you believe you need balance and solidity with your emotions and actions, and also want a neutral color for everyday wear, then the black string bracelet is perfect for you.

Red or Black: Which Color of Tibetan String Bracelet Should You Wear? 

Authentic Tibetan bracelets as a whole help achieve the wearer’s intentions. Blessed and crafted with mantras by Buddhist monks, they help in attracting good fortune and luck while repelling negative energy and protecting the wearer. However, despite these general benefits, it is important to choose the correct color of the bracelet to ensure that specific intentions and purposes are achieved faster and easier. Red string bracelets are useful for those with issues in the root chakra and seeking to attract increased luck, prosperity, and stability. On the other hand, the black string bracelet may be more suitable to those wanting to repel negative energy and emotions and increase their hope and enthusiasm during trying times.

Here at Inner Wisdom, we provide authentically made, handcrafted Tibetan Buddhist bracelets that are imbued with powerful mantras and done with intentions. You can trust that whichever color you choose will help you achieve a better life. Which Tibetan bracelet do you think is best for you? Get yours today!


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When do you change your red string bracelet… how long do you wear it for … before changing it. I have worn mine for almost two years…

When do you change your red string bracelet… how long do you wear it for … before changing it. I have worn mine for almost two years…

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