Jade Bracelet: Meaning, Healing Properties and Benefits

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Jade is a lustrous green crystal that’s been used in jewelry such as a bangle or bead bracelet. But aside from its natural beauty, it’s also sought after for many reasons.

In this post, discover why people love wearing a jade bracelet. Find out its meaning and properties that make it a valuable crystal jewelry, and how wearing one can benefit you.


    Jade Bracelet Meaning

    jade bracelet

    A jade bracelet is worn as a symbol of many things. In Chinese traditions, it is known as a stone of luck. It is worn to attract wealth and good fortune as well as a protection charm against bad luck.

    This green gemstone is also used in healing practices, promoting health wellness as well as vitality and longevity. The energy in this stone is also said to aid in grounding, making it great for meditation and other spiritual practices.


    Jade Bangles in Chinese Culture

    The jade stone is valuable for many reasons, but for the Chinese people, jade is especially prized that it is even comparable to diamond and gold.

    In Chinese traditions, parents would usually gift their daughters jade bangles as a sign of protection. In fact, it is a common practice for Chinese women to keep their jade bangles on for years once the bracelet is worn. This is because the locals believe that the accessory will protect them from malevolent forces, so they need to wear it all the time.

    Since they don’t advise removing the accessory, they would make the bangles tighter compared to other bracelets. This way, they can prevent the bracelet from clanking against tables and disrupting their activities on a daily basis.

    Aside from that, they also believe that jade contains healing properties that can be beneficial to the body. The stone also symbolizes the virtue of Confucius: wisdom, courage, modesty, compassion, and justice.


    Jade Gemstone Properties

    Physical Properties

    There are two different types of jade: Nephrite and Jadeite.

    Although these two look similar, they differ in chemical composition and crystal structure. However, both are considered authentic jade stones.

    Of the two, Jadeite is rarer and therefore, more valuable. This is the type worn by the traditional Chinese imperial families, which cost a hefty price.

    Jadeite is more durable than the other type, and it comes in a wider range of colors, such as green, lavender, white, black, and yellow. But the most valuable Jadeite jade is the Imperial Jade, which is an emerald green translucent to semi-transparent stone.

    On the other hand, Nephrite is more common and occurs mostly in white and gray colors. This type may also come in dark green, black, and reddish-brown variants.

    While Jadeite is heavily associated with the Chinese, it can only be mined in Myanmar. Meanwhile, every jade stone mined in China is Nephrite.

    Metaphysical Properties

    Regardless of the type, jade is sought after for its metaphysical properties. Imbued with chi, the Universal life force, this gemstone is known for its yin and yang quality of energy.

    The more translucent jade is thought to contain yin, gentle energy that can soothe the heart. The more opaque color possesses yang, stronger energy that lets you overcome hardships coming your way.

    Jade is also a stone of luck, wealth, and longevity, among its many associations.

    Healing Properties

    Jade has also long been used to improve certain conditions and boost our health.

    In physical healing, green jade is used to improve ailments related to the liver, kidneys, bladder, and spleen. It is also thought to support the skeletal system, especially used in speeding up recovery involving the surgery of the bones, joints, and hips.

    The said gemstone is also used to support the reproductive system. It is often sought to improve fertility, assist in childbirth, and aid in hormonal imbalance.

    In emotional healing, jade’s nurturing energy helps soothe the heart and mind and uplift one’s spirit. It is a calming stone that helps ease emotional distress.

    Jade is also thought to inspire self-love and self-acceptance, as well as clear negativity around you.

    Chakra Properties

    Jade is associated with the heart chakra. The heart chakra is the chakra in charge of our ability to show love and connect with others.

    When worn as a piece of jewelry, the green jade is believed to have certain vibrations that can clear blockages in the heart chakra. When these blockages are cleared, it is thought to better our emotional response to stimuli and improve our interaction with the external world.

    Feng Shui Properties

    In feng shui, green is associated with the element of Wood. Wearing green jade strengthens your Wood attribute, boosting the health aspect of your life.

    This gemstone is also used in feng shui to absorb negative energy. That’s why it’s one of the best feng shui bracelets to wear against injury, harm, and other forms of misfortune.


    The Benefits of Wearing a Jade Stone Bracelet

    jade healing bracelet

    Wear a jade bracelet if you want to enjoy the following benefits:

    Manifest Wealth

    As a stone of luck, green jade is especially lucky if you’re starting a new career or business. This nurturing crystal helps build your luck in the long term as you work with your financial goals.

    Jade is also thought to inspire wisdom that you need to make smart decisions and take the best course of action when it comes to your finances. With the abundance energy in this stone, it makes for an ideal charm to manifest your intentions of wealth.

    Inspire Healing

    Featuring a soothing quality of energy, the jade stone is believed to help in many issues concerning the body. Physically, this green crystal is said to improve conditions of the following:

    • Heart
    • Liver
    • Kidney
    • Bladder
    • Spleen
    • Skeletal system
    • Reproductive system

    Emotionally, wearing a jade bracelet is thought to inspire:

    • Calming effects
    • Self-love
    • Self-acceptance
    • Maturity
    • Trust in relationships

    Overall, the jade gemstone is said to inspire healing that promotes vitality, longevity, and even eternal youth.

    Offer Protection

    The Chinese believe that jade has frequencies that can counter the negative energy in our surroundings. It is often used to absorb the brunt of negative assaults, protecting its wearer from injuries from unwanted energy.

    Since it offers protection, it is advised to keep the bangle on all the time.

    Jade is also thought to protect you when you’re on a journey alone, say, going on a holiday trip. This travel stone also prevents children and pets from getting lost or being hurt while traveling.

    Promote Growth

    As a nurturing stone, this green stone is perfect for inspiring growth in different aspects of your life.

    It is the crystal to turn to if you’re entering a new venture. It’s also the stone to encourage maturity in a relationship. Jade aids in the creation of life, too, improving fertility and assisting in childbirth.

    With its power to nurture life, jade is dubbed as a “growth crystal.”


    How to Wear a Jade Bangle Bracelet

    how to wear jade bangle bracelet

    Since jade bangle bracelets are often made tighter than other bracelets, you may find it difficult to wear this accessory.

    If your bracelet is too small, put a plastic bag on your wrist. The plastic makes it easier for the bangle to slip on your wrist. Once the bracelet slides through, you can pull the plastic bag away.

    Which hand to wear a jade bracelet: Wear it on your left wrist, where it is closest to the heart. Since jade works with the heart chakra, wearing it on the left wrist brings out most of its effects.


    How to Cleanse Your Jade Bracelet

    Jade is a stone that harnesses the power of yin and yang energy. That’s why it will benefit the most from the solar and lunar kinds of energy cleansing.

    To cleanse the bracelet, you can expose it to both moonlight and sunlight to absorb those energies. Place the crystal directly on the ground after sunset. Leave it there until sunrise so it can recharge its yin and yang energy.

    If you’re wearing it for the first time, be sure to cleanse the bracelet with water.

    Read here to learn more about how to cleanse and charge your crystals.


    How to Tell if a Jade Bracelet is Real or Not

    Imitation jade bracelets exist in the market today. Some common stones that look like green jade include aventurine quartz, grossular garnet, serpentine, and prehnite. While these stones are great on their own rights, they are less valuable than a real jade bracelet.

    To distinguish authentic jade from imitation ones, here are some tell-tale signs of fake jade.

    1. Fake jade bracelets feel light. Genuine jade is dense and heavy, especially if it’s a big bracelet.
    2. Fake jade bracelets scratch easily. Jade is a very hard stone, so it should not scratch easily using your fingers or a pair of scissors.
    3. Fake jade bracelets have bubbles. If you notice bubbles on the bracelet when you hold it against the light, it can be an imitation piece.
    4. Fake jade bracelets are warm to the touch. Jade is a very cool stone. It stays cool even if it’s placed in warm areas. If it warms up easily and doesn’t cool down quickly, it can be a sign that the stone isn’t genuine.


    Where to Buy Real Jade Bracelets

    real jade bracelet

    When looking for real nephrite jade, choose a trusted store with a proven track record. At Inner Wisdom Store, we source our pieces from trusted artisans so can rest assure that you’ll get the finest materials.

    Buy real jade bracelets here!


    Wrapping Up

    The jade stone is a wonderful piece that is both beautiful and meaningful.

    If you want to harness its luck powers, healing effects, or protective qualities, wear the jade stone as a bead bracelet or a bangle. Make sure to wear it near the heart chakra to reap its full benefits.

    We hope you get the most out of your jade bracelet!


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