How Do You Cleanse Your Citrine Bracelet?

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Is your citrine bracelet feeling dull and heavy? This could be a sign that you need to cleanse it.

Cleansing is a way of restoring a crystal’s frequency to its natural state. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of your citrine further. But how do you cleanse a citrine stone?

Here, you’ll learn how to cleanse your citrine bracelet so you can restore its vibrations. But before we delve into that, let us first know the importance of cleansing your crystal accessory.


Why is Cleansing Your Crystal Bracelet Important?

Crystal bracelets like the Citrine the God of Wealth Bracelet are known for their ability to store energy. The more you use these stones, the more they become attuned to you. However, they also get overloaded with energy in the long run, making them dull and less effective as they used to be.

Just imagine what the crystal went through before you became its owner. It’s been plucked from a mine, passed on to the artisans who polished and turned citrine into a bracelet, and then delivered to the citrine jewelry store you bought it from.

Your crystal accessory has accumulated too much energy before reaching you. That’s why you need to cleanse your citrine before and after some time wearing it.


How Do You Clean Citrine?

The first thing to do is to clean the physical surface of your bracelet with water. Aside from cleaning the surface, water can also wash out the negative energy store in your citrine stone. This is especially true if you soak your jewelry piece in running water like streams, rivers, and rainwater.


How Do You Charge a Citrine Stone?

Once you have cleaned the surface of your crystal bracelet, you can start restoring its vibrations. Below, find out several ways how to cleanse and charge crystals like the citrine stone.


Sunlight or Moonlight

how to cleanse citrine bracelet - sunlight moonlight

Citrine is known for holding a solar kind of energy that aligns with your solar plexus chakra. Due to its connection with the sun, a citrine bracelet can be cleansed under sunlight.

Place the accessory directly on the ground where it’s being shined by sunlight. Leave it for four hours or more.

But take note that prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause the crystal beads to fade. So, it's best to cleanse your citrine during sunrise or sunset, where sunlight is weakest.

Alternatively, you can leave your charm under a full moon to increase its vibrations. Moonlight is less harsh than sunlight. This is ideal if you don’t want to risk damaging your crystal.


Other Crystals

how to cleanse citrine bracelet - other crystals

As a stone belonging to the quartz family, citrine can also be charged using another stone from the same cluster. One popular crystal to cleanse and purify citrine is selenite.

Place your citrine bracelet on top of selenite for four hours or more. This will not only cleanse the negative energy, but it will also magnify the positive energy of your wealth charm.

Other stones that you can use include amethyst geodes and large quartz clusters.



How to cleanse Citrine Bracelet - Sage

Sage is a sacred plant that is believed to clear low vibrational frequencies stored in your bracelet. To cleanse with sage, burn the tip of the plant and let the smoke envelop the crystal for 30 seconds.

Hold the burning sage on your non-dominant hand. Then, move the wealth charm through the smoke. If you feel like there’s a lot of negative energy stored in the beads, continue cleansing for an additional 30 seconds.

Perform this outdoors or near an open window to let the smoke carry the negative energy away from citrine.



how to cleanse citrine bracelet - salt

Since ancient times, salt has been used to absorb negative vibrations. It’s been used in various rituals to cleanse unwanted presence in a room or inanimate objects.

That’s why salt is also a great way to rid your bracelet of unwanted energy. Just submerge your charm overnight in water with diluted table salt.

If you live near the sea, you can scoop fresh salt water and use it directly to cleanse your jewelry.



how to cleanse citrine bracelet - sound

Sound can wash away any stuck or stored energy in your accessory. The frequency of the music restores harmony, thus making your bracelet as good as new.

Traditionally, tuning fork, singing bowls, and chanting are used to cleanse a crystal. But in modern application, you can download the Tibetan singing bowl music or the Om mantra chant instead.

Expose your jewelry to the sound for five to ten minutes.



how to cleanse citrine bracelet - meditation

If you’re fond of meditating regularly, you can also use it to cleanse your citrine bracelet. In this method, you direct your energy to the stone and place your intentions.

Hold the crystal charm and visualize your energy filling each bead. Picture the negative energy leaving the bracelet, and the stones glowing brighter with recharged energy.

Meditate for at least one minute per bead. The more you practice this method, the more the cleansing will come naturally.


When to Cleanse Your Citrine Bracelet?

As a rule of thumb, cleanse your crystal at least once a month. Also, perform cleansing when you’re setting a new intention onto the stone. The same goes if the bracelet is feeling heavier and more dull than usual.


The Takeaway

There are many ways to cleanse a citrine bracelet. If your piece of citrine is feeling dull and heavy, it’s your responsibility to restore it to its natural state.

When you take proper care of your crystal charms, you’re doing yourself some good. You are renewing the energy of the stones, thus allowing you to maximize the full benefits of wearing a citrine bracelet.


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