6 Mythical Creatures That Bring Good Luck

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Looking to improve your luck this new year? If you are a big fan of some mythological animals, this list is for you. Here, we rounded up some mythical creatures that bring good luck in the ancient Chinese culture.

Discover the benefits of wearing these mythical animals as jewelry in this article.

Good Luck Mythical Creatures

1. Chinese Dragon

 mythical creatures that bring good luck

Ancient Chinese culture perceives the dragon as a symbol of good luck, strength, and power. It is believed that the ancient emperors of China were direct descendants of the dragon. And until today, this mythical creature is still revered by the Chinese people. This is evident in the number of spiritual charms and Feng Shui figurines available today.

Benefits of Wearing Dragon Jewelry: The Chinese Dragon has power over the forces of nature. Thus, it is considered the ultimate symbol of good fortune. This symbol is used to activate success energy in business and in the workplace.

2. Chinese Phoenix

Mythical Creatures That Bring Good Luck

The Chinese Phoenix, or Fenghuang bird, is an immortal creature that rules over all other birds. It is a symbol of female energy that is often paired with the Chinese Dragon, the male energy. Legends say that the Chinese Phoenix flies to heaven in times of trouble. When it reappears, it is considered a positive omen.

Benefits of Wearing Chinese Phoenix Jewelry: The Chinese Phoenix is a symbol associated with good luck and prosperity. When paired with the Chinese Dragon, they represent a balance of yin and yang together. This makes the two mythical creatures one of the most powerful good luck charms for attracting marital luck.

3. Qilin

mythical creatures that bring good luck

Qilin is one of China’s sacred beasts. The appearance of this mythical creature is said to be an auspicious sign, but it would only present itself during the reign of a good ruler. Some stories also tell that the Qilin shows up before the birth or death of a sage, such as Confucius’.

Benefits of Wearing Qilin Jewelry: The Qilin is a hybrid creature with the head of a dragon, the body of a horse, and the scales of a carp. The dragon head is believed to attract success energy while the horse body promotes loyalty. The carp scales are said to attract wealth into your home and workplace.

4. Dragon Turtle

turtle statue

The dragon turtle is known for having the head of a dragon and the body of a turtle. It stands on a bed of coins and ingots, with several baby dragon turtles on its back. The energy of the dragon represents auspiciousness, courage, and good luck. The turtle is associated with longevity, protection, and stability.

Benefits of Wearing Dragon Turtle Jewelry: The celestial creatures that make the Dragon Turtle inspire various effects when combined. As a feng shui cure, it is used to attract lasting wealth, gain protection, and enhance your career.

5. Pixiu

mythical creatures that bring good luck

Pixiu is depicted as a mythical creature with the head of a dragon, the body of a horse, the claws of a lion, and the horn of a deer. In Chinese lore, this sacred animal can devour all the gold, silver, and treasures of the world. However, the Jade Emperor cursed it with a sealed anus. This trapped all the riches of the world inside its belly, which led to the belief that Pixiu won’t allow wealth to leave one’s home.

Benefits of Wearing Pixiu Jewelry: Pixiu is a mythical creature that brings financial luck. When worn as a bracelet, ring, or necklace, it is believed to draw wealth energy and protect its wearer from financial losses.

6. Fu Dogs

Fo Guang Shan Nan Hua Temple

The Fu Dogs, aka Imperial Guardian Lions, are mythical creatures tasked to guard the palace against thieves. This part lion, part dog duo, serves as protector of wealth in some cultures. In Japan, these good luck symbols are known as Komainu. In China, they are referred to as Shi, which means lion.

Benefits of Wearing Fu Dogs Jewelry: The Fu Dogs are a protection symbol in feng shui that you can use to guard your wealth. They also bring good luck energy to those who wear them.

Bring Luck with These Mythical Creatures

If you want to improve your fortune this year, it’s time you own one of these mythical creatures that bring good luck. They don’t only look cool when worn, but they can also be beneficial according to ancient Chinese beliefs.

Which of these lucky mythological animals appeal to you the most? Wear the symbol now!

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