How To Enhance Your Masculine Energy

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As with everything in the world, balance is optimal. Too much or too little of anything can cause harm, and we must take steps to keep everything in equilibrium. The same goes for our energy balance: our Yin, which refers to the feminine energy we have, and our Yang, which is our masculine energy. These energies exist not exclusively to one gender but are rather inside every one of us.

It is important to keep a harmonious balance between the two. So firstly, identifying which energy type you’re more in sync with is something to take note of. You might be too in touch with your divine feminine side which means you may be neglecting your masculine energy or vice versa. In this blog post, we will discuss the dominantly feminine energy types: the Greater Yin and the Lesser Yin. As well as tips you can do to enhance your Yang and keep your energy balanced.

Greater Yin

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The Greater Yin refers to being the most feminine you can be. This energy is associated with a great emotional inclination towards creativity, intuition, feelings, and senses. Having a Greater Yin energy means you are a natural empath – you recognize and understand your feelings and that of others. Because of this, you tend to be more alone, and some people may have even called you “emotional” or “sensitive”. While being inclined towards your feelings can be bothersome for others, this allows you to be more authentic and honest – not only with yourself but with other people too. You also connect better with others because you truly understand their needs and emotions.

However, as mentioned earlier, people with Greater Yin tend to be more isolated. The negativity of the Greater Yin comes from feeling everything at once and absorbing the energy of certain negative environments. All of this may lead to loneliness and disempowerment throughout the day. 

It is necessary to combat the Greater Yin’s tendency for isolation, loneliness, and severe sensitivity. Crystal practice is one useful way to enhance masculine energy. Tourmaline is one of the best crystals for this as it is considered the gateway to the inner self. Jewelry like the  watermelon tourmaline necklace can help cleanse negative energy blockages in the heart, promote happiness, and soothe emotions. The tourmaline being a powerful heart stone will also activate the heart chakra and help keep overly active emotions in check.

The Lesser Yin

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The Lesser Yin is still mostly feminine but it is slightly more balanced with a bit of masculine energy. The main difference between this and the former is that the Lesser Yin, although sensitive to emotions and inclined to creativity, is not as deeply affected by the emotions of others. Unlike the Greater Yin, the Lesser Yin goes more with the flow of life. And although not being as empathetic, they will readily defend others and stand up for them even if they cannot do this for themselves at all times. The process of growth matters the most for the Lesser Yin, and not necessarily the destination.

While not being as receptive to the emotions of others may come in handy (especially in areas of negative emotions), a Lesser Yin’s inclination towards protecting others whilst not receiving the same treatment may lead to resentment and bitterness. It is thus necessary that stronger masculine energy arises so that the Lesser Yin may be able to protect themselves too. Again, like the Greater Yin, crystal practice will be useful in harnessing masculine energy. The use of a multi-colored  tiger’s eye bracelet will bring out qualities of confidence, strength, and willpower. It also helps utilize energies of courage and fearlessness, which the Lesser Yin struggles with especially at times vital for themself.

Final Thoughts

Having stated both feminine energy types, creating stronger, masculine energy within each person regardless of their gender is essential. This is to avoid the Greater Yin’s highly sensitive and isolating nature, as well as the Lesser Yin’s tendency for severe selflessness. Crystal practice and using them to connect to one’s energies is a sure way to ingrain more masculine energy.

A way to enhance overall masculinity is by using garnet stone. Garnet promotes vitality and balance. Regardless of whether you are a Greater or Lesser Yin, this stone will be helpful for deep emotional stability. Jewelry like the  red garnet stone mantra ring removes the negative energy absorbed by the Yin and improves overall energy flow. It also helps attract positivity for strength and enlightenment.

Now we have understood the feminine point of the Yin and how to enhance your masculine energy. Learn more about the Yang and how you can improve your feminine energy and achieve the perfect harmonious balance between the two in our next blog post!


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