Connecting With Your Spiritual Self

Connecting With Your Spiritual Self

Everyday, we encounter many things that can uplift us, give us motivation, inspire us, and generally give us a wonderful day however, there are also times when we’re stressed, uninspired, lazy, and out of our usual mood.

Believe it or not, our spiritual self has a big influence in our everyday lives. We just don’t realize it especially because we are so disconnected with our spiritual selves.

But what exactly is our spiritual self? What or how can we influence ourselves and our day by being connected with our spiritual self? What can being “connected” do for us in our everyday lives?

Let’s step in shall we…

First of all, what is our spiritual self?

Your spiritual self is pretty much your most beautiful and powerful form. It is your raw being; your core foundations as a human being. It is our most authentic self which is why being able to connect with your spiritual self is very important if you want inner peace and a better outlook in life.

Connecting With Your Spiritual Self

Say for example, you hang out with friends. There are definitely times when these friends do something that you feel uncomfortable doing but because you want to impress them or feel like you fit in, you simple “go with the flow” and join in even if it’s against your morals.

Being connected with your spiritual self allows you to follow your true intentions and make decisions based on your pure self… and as all humans on Earth are created to be at peace with each other, being connected with your spiritual self allows you to connect with others on a deeper level.

This kind of connection influences our thoughts, how we act towards others, how we speak with others, and even how we think about others. The more you are connected to your purest self, the more you feel at peace with the decisions you make everyday. The more you can attract a positive lifestyle.

So, how do we connect with our spiritual selves?

There are many ways readily available at home. You can simply meditate in a quiet and peaceful area of your home. You can do yoga, you can even take a walk to appreciate everything around you.

Connecting With Your Spiritual Self

Also, if you’ve been curious enough to look online, you might have encountered techniques on how you can “open up your chakras” to be more in tune with your spiritual self or spirit walks or journeys to reveal your innermost desires.

The important thing when trying to connect with our spiritual selves is to know yourself. Let’s take meditation for example. A simple exercise would be to picture one thing you are most appreciative of today and focus on how it makes you feel, how it makes your day brighter, and how important it is that you have that. Give it thanks and feel good about having it. Be thankful and it will make you feel at peace. The next day, do the same thing until this becomes a habit.

Being thankful is one way to connecting with your innermost self.

So, in summary:

  1. Meditate
  2. Do yoga
  3. Take a walk and...
  4. Be thankful or have an attitude of gratitude

Doing these simple things everyday will get you closer to your spiritual self than ever before.

Connecting With Your Spiritual Self

Learn More About Connecting With Your Spiritual Self

By now, you should have a general idea of how you can uplift your life by connecting with your spiritual self at the basic level. If you want to know more advanced techniques, we have many articles that teach you various techniques on how you can improve your meditation, connect with yourself, and more.

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