Citrine Bracelet: Meaning and Its Benefits

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Citrine is a beautiful yellow stone widely worn as a bracelet today. Like most crystals, it holds certain properties believed to improve our life.

But what makes this gemstone special?
Here, discover the feng shui meaning behind the citrine bracelet. Learn the benefits of wearing citrine and other important facts about this crystal.


Citrine Bracelet Meaning

A citrine bracelet is worn to manifest one’s desires into reality.

As the “Lucky Merchant’s Stone,” it is widely used in wealth creation. As a feng shui bracelet, it helps attract the energy of abundance to improve the wealth sector of your life.

This makes it one of the best feng shui bracelets today. Hence, it is a popular charm among merchants, entrepreneurs, and feng shui enthusiasts.
Aside from these, citrine is also said to hold a solar quality of energy within. This helps improve self-esteem issues and promote positive thinking.


Citrine Bracelet Benefits

Thanks to its metaphysical properties, wearing a citrine bracelet is believed to inspire various effects. These include:

1.   Helps manifest desires

Citrine is known as the stone of manifestation. When you set your intentions onto the crystal, citrine is said to hold the vibrations of your desires. The stone then amplifies those vibrations.

For instance, if you repeat a money affirmation while wearing the bracelet, say, “I am aligned with the energy of wealth,” the crystal will store the energy of your intent. This programs citrine to manifest your wishes.

2.   Speeds up wealth creation

Because of its ability to hold vibrations, citrine also lets you align with its own prosperity frequency. This boosts your money intentions that help in manifesting wealth.

This makes citrine one of the most popular symbols of wealth and prosperity in feng shui. In this regard, you’ll see merchants, business owners, and feng shui enthusiasts use citrine to attract money.

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3.   Improves personality issues

Citrine is also associated with the solar plexus chakra, or the third chakra. But what is chakra?

Chakra is the Sanskrit word for “wheel,” which refers to the seven energy points of the body. A healthy individual has energy flowing freely on each of the chakra points.

When one of these chakras is blocked, it can cause issues to your health. For instance, blockages on the third chakra can lead to self-esteem problems and negative thinking.

The solar quality of energy in citrine stones is often used to heal the blockages in the third chakra. Thus, it helps improve your self-confidence and promote positive thinking.

4.   Aids in digestion

Aside from your personality, the solar plexus chakra also rules the digestive system. Clearing the blockages on the third chakra may also improve conditions such as loss of appetite, acid reflux, and stomach pain.

This makes citrine a potent healing crystal bracelet for gut problems, too.

5.   Strengthens other crystal bracelets

Since citrine can amplify intentions, it also works great as a support stone. So, wearing a citrine feng shui bracelet helps other crystal bracelets work more effectively.

How to Wear Citrine Feng Shui Bracelet

Citrine Bracelet by Innerwisdomstore

To activate the effects of the citrine feng shui bracelet, you have to wear it on your receiving hand.

In feng shui, the receiving side of the body is our leftt hand. Wearing the accessory on the non-dominant hand allows you to absorb its energy.

Also, make sure that you set your intentions onto the citrine beads to amplify them. Follow these simple steps below.

How to Wear Citrine Bracelet:

  1. Wear the bracelet on your receiving hand.
  2. Speak or mentally project money affirmations while wearing the bracelet, e.g., “I am aligned with the energy of wealth.”
  3. Repeat the affirmation 8-12 times to program your intention onto the stone.
  4. Spend some time meditating with the bracelet regularly.

When you follow the steps above, the stone is more likely to manifest your intentions of abundant life.

How to Cleanse Citrine Stone Bracelet

Cleanse your bracelet at least once a month and the first time you’re wearing it.

To energize your citrine crystal, you can place it under sunlight or moonlight. Sunlight is particularly good to recharge its solar quality of energy.

You can also charge citrine with other crystals and stones. Other citrine cleansing methods include sage cleansing, salt cleansing, and meditation.

Read here for a more detailed guide on how to cleanse and charge crystals.

How to Spot Fake Citrine Charm Bracelet

Citrine, like most crystals, can be imitated with colored glass. When you’re looking to buy a genuine citrine stone bracelet, look at the item against the light.

Real citrine crystals tend to have superb clarity. Its color is also uniform throughout the stone.

Fake citrine contains visible inclusions or air bubbles most of the time. Its color also turns drastically lighter from the tip of the crystal down to its base.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which hand should I wear my citrine bracelet?

Wear the bracelet on your receptive hand, which is the left hand.

  1. What does a citrine bracelet do for me?

A citrine bracelet is often worn to manifest your desires into reality. This is especially popular among merchants, business owners, and feng shui enthusiasts who want to attract wealth.

  1. Can I wear citrine every day?

Yes. Like any other crystals, the longer you wear citrine, the more effective it gets.

  1. Can I wear citrine to sleep?

Yes. Citrine has a gentle energy that won’t cause harm while you are sleeping.

  1. Can citrine be worn by anyone?

Yes. Anyone can wear the citrine bracelet. It is most especially beneficial if you’re suffering from blockages in your solar plexus chakra.

  1. Can I wear a citrine with other crystals?

Yes. The light energy in citrine helps amplify the effects of other crystal bracelets.

Where to Buy Citrine Crystal Bracelet

where to buy citrine crystal bracelet

If you’re looking for bead bracelets made of real citrine crystals, we just got what you need. At Inner Wisdom Store, you’ll find spiritual items made only from the finest and natural materials. Also, we ensure that your items are cleansed and blessed before you receive them.

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Wrapping Up

Wearing a citrine bracelet is one way to manifest your dreams into reality. With such power, it makes a great charm if you’re looking to find success in your career or business.

But it only works when you’re clear on your intentions and you’re willing to put your faith in the stone. And of course, when you put in the necessary effort to realize your goals.

It is only then that the feng shui citrine bracelet will amplify your intent and grant you its supposed benefits.

Now that you know the meaning behind citrine, it’s time to wear your own bracelet!


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Inner Wisdom Store

Inner Wisdom Store

Hi Rose,

When your bracelet breaks, it means that it has done its job for you. Or you’re close to realizing your intention.

The best way is to bury the bracelet to return the crystals to nature.

Hope this helps!

Hi Rose,

When your bracelet breaks, it means that it has done its job for you. Or you’re close to realizing your intention.

The best way is to bury the bracelet to return the crystals to nature.

Hope this helps!



My citrine bracelet broken, is it ok to put it together?

My citrine bracelet broken, is it ok to put it together?

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