Ways to Attract Money with Citrine Crystal

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Crystals have been famously used since the beginning of time. Each crystal contains frequencies that align to specific intentions that help enhance a person's purpose. Of the many crystals used in feng shui and Chinese traditions,  citrine remains one of the most popular in increasing wealth and money luck.

Its yellow-orange color is said to contain positive vibrations that attract energies of prosperity. Citrine is known as the “stone of abundance” and when used properly with intentions of wealth and prosperity, it is highly effective in attracting money. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing seven effective ways you can maximize citrine to attract good fortune in your finances.

Carry a Citrine Stone

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Carrying a citrine stone wherever you go is one way to effectively use the gemstone’s benefits. You may place it inside your bag, wallet, or pocket, especially during important financial days such as signing contracts, business deals and applying for jobs. Keeping the stone close to you is the best way to maximize the good vibrations and energy it brings. This tip is primarily useful for those who are always on the go and those wishing to enhance their career luck. This method works best for employees and professionals.

Put Citrine in Water

One way to directly infuse the positive energies of citrine is by putting a citrine crystal in your drinking water. Keep it submerged for a few minutes before drinking the water, as this will allow the crystal’s good energy to be transferred directly to you. It is believed that creating a “citrine elixir” will help bring you better fortune and prosperity.

Use Citrine As A Display At Home

    citrine money tree

    One of the easiest ways to use citrine is to have the crystal displayed at your home to invite wealth into the household. In Chinese tradition and the feng shui Bagua map, the wealth area of the home is in the southeast corner and therefore the best place to put citrine. Having a  citrine money tree displayed in this area will help attract business and money luck to one's home. This crystal tree is used to stimulate the flow of money and also transforms the area into a positive environment. This may be done by all families and people, regardless of where they are from.

    Placing Citrine Near A Cash Register

    Aside from being called the “Stone of Abundance”, citrine is also called the “Merchant’s Stone” – which means it is especially useful for those in the business industry. Placing the gemstone near your cash register or money box will help attract positive energy helpful to employees and attract the influx of more money. Citrine attracts positive energy that promotes success in the work area, encouraging creativity in your enterprise. Thus, businesses and business owners will benefit the most from this tip. 

    Create A Crystal Grid

    As mentioned earlier, crystals are powerful stones useful in harnessing and attracting specific energies depending on the intention. To fully utilize their power, people create crystal grids – this is the placement of different crystals arranged to attract one specific intention. In this case, citrine will be used in the crystal grid for the intention of wealth creation and abundance. You will first need small citrine stones arranged in a specific pattern. Afterwards, you must place a larger citrine stop on top, essentially creating a “crystal tower”. Lastly, to maximize the crystal grid, you must chant your intentions of prosperity to enhance the attracted energy of the gemstones. This tip is perfect for those who are well-versed in crystal study as it requires more specificity in what is needed.

    Wear A Citrine Bracelet

      pixiu abundance bracelet


      One of the easiest ways to maximize the citrine’s energy is by wearing a citrine bracelet. Similar to carrying a citrine stone, this is a more handy and sure way to assure that the citrine is with you. Not only is the stone secured in your arm, but its positive energy may also be more effective – especially since the crystal is in direct contact with you in contrast to just having it near you. Using a  feng shui citrine piyao bracelet is one way to achieve this. The bracelet enhances money luck and attracts wealth while also helping dispel negative energy and prevent financial losses. Make sure to wear the bracelet on your left hand, as this is the side of the body that is most receptive.

      Meditating With Citrine

      Like the creation of a crystal grid, one may also try meditating with citrine. This tip is perfect for those already well-versed in meditation, but beginners may also try it. To do so, you must project your thoughts and intentions towards the citrine during meditation. As citrine is also considered a stone of manifestation, it will absorb the projected energies and will amplify them to help manifest your intentions of prosperity faster. You may connect with the stone for 20 to 30 minutes daily; make sure to be consistent.

      Maximizing the power of Citrine

      Now that you know the effective ways to maximize the crystal’s power and positive benefits, you can now choose the best method for your convenience and needs. As we have discussed, citrine is a powerful manifestation stone and its energies align with prosperity and positivity. Using the crystal will help you manifest your desires more quickly and will also help you attract more wealth – whether it be with yourself, at home, or in the workplace. Indeed, it is a crystal worth having for financial success.


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