8 Auspicious Symbols to Strengthen Romance

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In our previous post, you have learned how to use Feng Shui symbols for wealth and prosperity. Now, it’s time to learn more auspicious symbols to strengthen romance.

Whether you are looking to improve bond or mend relationships, there are items to help achieve it. Find your favorite love symbols from this list.


8 Auspicious Symbols - Infinity

Since ancient times, the infinity symbol has been associated with eternal love. The word infinity came from the Latin word “infinitas,” which means “unboundedness.” Many believed that it represents limitless love for someone.

In ancient Tibet and India, the infinity symbol embodies perfection and duality. Many perceive it as the unity between male and female, representing two opposing forces that become one. This makes the infinity sign the perfect symbol for everlasting love.

But it isn’t just about eternal love. The infinity symbol also embodies the limitless possibilities that love brings.


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Yin and Yang

yin and yang

Much like the infinity, this symbol is also an excellent representation of the ultimate union between a man and a woman.

In Feng Shui, the Yin and Yang sign captures the complementary nature of the male and female union. The Yin represents the female chi energy, while the Yang symbolizes the male chi energy.

Balancing these opposing energies will result in a harmonious relationship between couples. The Yin and Yang symbol embodies the balance and harmony you need to maintain stability in relationships.


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Dragon and Phoenix

dragon and phoenix

The Chinese culture regards the dragon and phoenix as a perfect couple. That’s why this pair makes a great symbol of everlasting love in Feng Shui.

The dragon belongs to Yang or masculine energy. It embodies strength, power, and authority. The phoenix belongs to Yin or feminine energy. It is said to bring fame, opportunities, and hope.

When used together as an auspicious symbol, the dragon and phoenix jewelry invite matrimony bliss. The pair brings out the balance and unity of the Yin and Yang energy. This union creates a harmonious environment that nourishes love and relationship luck.


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Sacred Elephant

sacred elephant

For thousands of years, the elephant has been a symbol of strength, wisdom, and good luck. But this animal also represents loyalty.

Elephants are social creatures. They show great love and affection towards one another. This attitude makes them a symbol of love and fidelity between a couple.

In Feng Shui, intertwined trunks make a great token of friendship and love. Elephants also bring the energy of fertility to its wearer. It is believed that stroking its trunk every night blesses couples with a child.


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Nephrite Jade

8 Auspicious Symbols - Nephrite Jade

Dubbed as the "stone of fidelity," Nephrite Jade is for dysfunctional relationships. When worn as jade jewelry, it works with the Heart Chakra to balance male and female energies.

The Heart Chakra is responsible for regulating our interaction with the external world. When it is out of balance, you may feel controlling or controlled in a relationship. This makes you critical of the shortcomings of your partner. Nephrite Jade helps rebalance this chakra.

Nephrite Jade also holds loyalty boosting properties. It prevents your partner’s eyes and yours from wandering. It also helps ensure any love rivals are unable to temp either of you.


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8 Auspicious Symbols - Garnet

Garnet is a precious stone associated with eternity. This is because this crystal bears a resemblance to the pomegranate. In fact, its name was derived from the Latin word “Garanatus,” which means “seedlike,” much like the said fruit.

In Greek mythology, the pomegranate is referenced as the gift of love from Hades to Persephone. Thus, the fruit symbolizes physical love and the relationship between couples.

Wearing garnet jewelry is thought to help couples increase passion in a relationship. This stone is also said to revive the intimate connection between partners.


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Rainbow Obsidian

8 Auspicious Symbols - Rainbow Obsidian

Dubbed as the “stone of pleasure,” Rainbow Obsidian is believed to enhance enjoyment and gratification into your life.

By wearing this stone, you get to find the root causes of distresses and emotional traumas. This allows you to cut ties with old love, freeing your heart from the pain that comes with the past.

The stone also helps you recognize your true spiritual nature. It is a protective stone that dissolves negative thoughts directed to yourself. Such negative thinking can harm relationships.

This way, Rainbow Obsidian is believed to bring love, joy, and light to your life.


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Amazonite is a stone used for igniting or repairing an existing relationship. This stone is associated with the Heart Chakra that balances out emotional energy.

This soothing crystal holds powerful energy. This energy is believed to repel the negative moods of other people. This allows you to calm down in times of conflict, letting you see both sides of the problem.

With this stone, you can find the right words, especially when facing delicate matters. This allows you to express yourself with peace and love.


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May you have a blissful and lasting relationship with the help of these auspicious symbols!


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