Silver Mani Mantra Double Bracelet

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Get two bracelets in one with our Silver Mani Mantra Double Bracelet! This amazing wearable fashion piece is inspired by the teachings of Mani Mantra, one of the most important mantra that is believed to attract positivity, good fortune, wealth and enlightenment. It is also believed to help its wearer get rid of negative energy and misfortune.

🕉️ Om Mani Padme Hum - The Six-Syllabled Sanskrit Mantra 🕉️

✔️ Om (ohm): Om is the sound or “vibration” of the universe. This sound is the most important of all; but in the context of chanting and mantras, it is meant destroy attachments to ego and establish Generosity.
✔️ Ma (mah): Removes the attachment to jealousy and establishes Ethics.
✔️ Ni (nee): Removes the attachment to desire and establishes Patience.
✔️Pad (pahd): Removes the attachment to prejudice and establishes Perseverance.
✔️ Me (meh): Removes the attachment to possessiveness and establishes Concentration.
✔️ Hum (hum): Removes the attachment to hatred and establishes Wisdom.

Our Silver Mani Mantra Double Bracelet contains to pieces of bracelet combined into one. Within the bracelets are carved the Om Mani Padme Hum symbols that is intricately-designed and well-made. And because the bracelet is fully-adjustable, you won't have problems wearing it on your wrists. This bracelet will surely turn people's heads towards your direction!

Product Details

  • Handmade of Authentic 99.9% Sterling Silver
  • Color: 1 silver and 1 silver/black bracelet
  • Chain Length: 0.57 - 0.87" (14.5 - 22 mm) (Adjustable)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Villegas P. Vidal
Om Mani Padme Hum

Very please with the product. Love the feel. Just one minor thing, even do I don’t wear it under water.. the circles at the end lose their color… other than that I like it very much

Carol Rankin
Silver Mani Mantra Double Bracelet

So far extremely pleased my purchases, it was a Christmas gift for my son.

Vena Baybay

I love it!