Orgone Energy Balancing Bundle

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The Important Role of Orgone Energy


In this world, various energies play a significant role in our everyday life. We may not be able to see them, but these energies flow in the universe, surrounding all of us.

Orgone is an essential energy that’s been discovered to affect how we live life. When this life force flows freely into our bodies, it is believed to improve the quality of our health.

When the flow of orgone is disrupted with too much negative energy, it creates an imbalance in our bodies. This may result in problems concerning our physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness.


Orgonite for Balancing the Orgone Energy

Orgonite is a tool used to balance the orgone energy. This device combines the properties of organic (resin) and inorganic (metal shavings) materials with the vibrations of crystals to clear excessive negative energies in one’s body and environment.

By clearing negative energies, the orgonite tool transforms them into positive energy. This is said to promote balance and encourage the flow of orgone in our bodies.

Generating orgone is also believed to create a shield of energy that protects us from harmful EMFs that devices radiate.


Orgone Energy Balancing Bundle Inclusions

  • Orgonite Pyramid – great for purifying home & workspaces
  • Orgonite Necklace – bring with you anytime, anywhere
  • Get the orgonite pendant or pyramid separately, or get them both!


In this bundle, we handpicked a pair of orgonite tools to help you balance the orgone energy whenever, wherever!

Our orgonite pyramid is best placed at home or office to purify the air and get rid of unwanted energy. Our orgonite necklace is best worn 24/7 to clear your body of negative energy.

Get our orgonite devices separately, or get them both for the best results!


This Bundle is available for a limited time only! Get yours before it’s gone!


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Anita Fly
Orgone Energy Balancing Bundle

Received my Pyramid.
Truly a beauty to behold.
Immediately noticed that my focus began to improve, and the intense nightmares that were haunting me, ceased.
I keep it on my bedside table, along with my golden pumpkin.

Mary Schwartz
orgone energy bundle

loved the many colors enjoy the necklace