Lucky Pixiu Red String Bracelet

Pixiu are mythical Chinese creature that is believed to have the power to attract money and wealth from all directions. The Pixiu is a well known Feng Shui item for attracting wealth, good luck and fortune to homes and businesses. Red strings have a very deep historical meaning attached to Tibetan Buddhist and Kabbalah cultures. According to ancient legends, the red stringis thought to have magical powers of protection against misfortune and bad luck. The red string is usually worn on the left wrist to represent purity and chastity. They are also worn to protect the wearer from harm.  
It is believed:
✔️ Pixiu attract and accumulate wealth
✔️ Pixiu is a well-known Feng Shui enhancer.

✔️ Pixiu have protective power that guard its wearer from misfortune and bad luck

✔️ Pixiu can repel undesired romance

Product Details

  • Handmade
  • Material: Nylon & Sterling Silver
  • Chain Length: 0.57 - 0.79" (14.5 - 20 mm)
  • Features: Fully-adjustable

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