Handcrafted Color-Changing Feng Shui Lucky Pixiu Bracelet

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Created with precision and accuracy, our Pixiuchanges colordepending on the temperature.

Pixui is a celestial creature in Chinese mythology that is also used as symbol for attracting money and accumulating good fortune. According to an ancient Chinese legend, the Pixiu only feeds on treasures, gold and silver.

Pixiu is believed to have the power to attract wealth and success from all directions. And because the Pixiu doesn’t have any anus, it means wealth will only roll inside its body and not flow out.  Because of this, the Pixiu has been the Chinese symbol of good fortune for homes, apartments and businesses.
It is believed...

✔️ Pixiu is the most popular Feng Shui enhancer because of its ability to attract wealth.

✔️ Pixiu can protect the owner from calamity, misfortune and danger.

✔️ If placed at home, Pixiu also serves as a “guardian” that wards off evil.

✔️ Pixiu is believed to ward off unwanted attention from people that you dislike.

Our Handcrafted Color-Changing Lucky Pixiu Bracelet employs a unique technology that allows the Pixiu to change colors depending on the temperature.

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