Magnetic Yin Yang Balancing Bracelet

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Find peace with your inner self through this Magnetic Yin Yang Balancing Bracelet!

☯️☯ Yin Yang - A Balance Between Two Harmonious Forces ☯️

The Yin Yang design symbolizes the teaching of Taoism. It is believed that harmony in all things can only be achieved through these two opposing forces. The Yin symbolizes darkness, negativity, and femininity. The Yang embodies light, positivity, and masculinity. The fusion of the two symbols allows one to achieve balance, harmony, and peace with his inner self.

🧡 Magnetic Stones – Improve Overall Health 🧡 

The magnetic stones found in this bracelet are believed to help improve overall health. They are said to be capable of drawing blood where you place them, which helps improve blood flow. Improving the blood flow is beneficial in easing pain, reducing inflammation, releasing toxins in the body and losing weight.

Far-infrared biological effects( red point on the bracelet) promote and improve local and systemic blood circulation enhance metabolism, improve the body’s immune function with anti-inflammatory, swelling, analgesic effect.

  • Yin Yang symbol for balance
  • Magnetic stone that promotes a positive mindset
  • Meaningful bracelet for finding inner peace

Wear this balancing bracelet and make a truce with yourself.



  • Material - TItanium Steel


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