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Feng Shui Red String Piyao Bracelet

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Feng Shui Red String Piyao Bracelet

Attract wealth luck with the Feng Shui Red String Piyao Bracelet!

This feng shui wealth bracelet combines the power of two lucky symbols:


📿 RED STRING BRACELET – Bring Good Luck and Fortune 📿

In feng shui, red is the ultimate color. It’s a feng shui cure blessed with prosperous energy. That’s why many consider the red rope bracelet a powerful charm that brings success, prosperity, and happiness.

Wearing a red string bracelet may:

  • Fulfill your dreams and wishes
  • Bring good fortune
  • Protect you from bad luck


🐉 PIYAO BRACELET – Symbol of Wealth 🐉

A Piyao bracelet is also known as the Pixiu bracelet. It is a popular wealth charm in Chinese tradition. Legends tell that Piyao is a mythical dragon that devours all the riches in the world. Cursed with a sealed anus, Piyao traps all the treasures inside its belly.

Wearing a Piyao bracelet may:

  • Attract wealth and prosperity
  • Prevent riches from leaving your life
  • Improve your fortune
  • Ward off negative energy

With the Feng Shui Red String Piyao Bracelet, enhance your money energy for a prosperous life!


How to Wear a Red String Piyao Bracelet?

Wear the Feng Shui Red String Piyao Bracelet on the receptive hand to absorb its energy! The receptive hand is usually the left hand.


MAIN FUNCTION: Red string for good fortune, Piyao for wealth luck


  • Handmade bracelet
  • Material: Nylon & Sterling Silver
  • Chain Length: 0.57 - 0.79" (14.5 - 20 mm)
  • Available in various styles
  • Fully-adjustable


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