The Power of Energy and Your Intentions

We live in a world where vital energyaka the Universal life forceinfluences our experiences in life.

From health to wealth, to career and business, to love and relationship, ancient wisdom teaches us to align with the energy that matches our intentions.

When we do, we begin to improve certain aspects of our lives.


We bring consciously made items to you

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At Inner Wisdom Store, we hand-picked consciously made items charged with the energy to promote healing, invite abundance, offer protection, and inspire love.

Our selection of spiritual jewelry, healing crystals, chakra stones, feng shui cures, and other powerful charms is rooted in ancient practices that are older and larger than all of us.

We bring them all to you in hopes of giving you the energy you need to improve the quality of your life.


Your trusted guide to energy work

The practice of energy work should empower you. It should help improve aspects of your life that need work.

Aligning your intentions with the energy of spiritual items should not feel overwhelming. The experience should be more soothing and nourishing than daunting.

That’s why we work to guide you through every step of the way in our blog—from choosing the right item to harnessing its energy and activating its effects so you get the most out of the experience.



“At Inner Wisdom Store, we believe life can be improved by aligning our intentions with the energy of spiritual items.”



The Inner Wisdom Store Promise

We made it our goal to serve you. And throughout the years, we have strived and continue to become what we aim to be:

...A trusted guide to the practice of energy work.

...A trusted source of empowering jewelry rooted in ancient practices.

...A trusted ally to improve your quality of life.

That is the Inner Wisdom Store. That is our promise to YOU.


About the Founders

Before Cecilia and Lisa co-founded the Inner Wisdom Store, they were travel buddies.

They first discovered the power of energy and intentions in their travels to the Eastern lands. There, they chanced upon pieces of jewelry believed to align essential energies with one’s intentions.

Cecilia and Lisa, both seeking spiritual empowerment, began their research on these consciously made items. Their research led them to understand the relationship between the universal life force and human intentions, and how certain items work to establish this connection.

They learned that the vibrations contained in said items match specific energies that can amplify intentions. By wearing these pieces, one can attract beneficial energy to help improve aspects of his life, such as his health, wealth, and relationships.

With this discovery in mind, Cecilia and Lisa started the Inner Wisdom Store to share their newfound wisdom with you.



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