Ways to Create Good Karma

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In our last blog post, we discussed the  Four Noble Truths of Buddhism. One key insight we talked about is how we are responsible for our suffering and happiness, and with this, we must have  good karma instead of  bad karma.

Karma in Buddhism refers to how a person’s actions have a definitive cause and effect – including one's thoughts and emotions.  Reaping what is sown is the best way to put it and thus, a person must have good intentions and actions so that these are also the things he will receive in the future. Creating good karma can be done in many ways. Today, we will discuss how these are done not just for others but for one’s harmony and happiness in life.

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Being Understanding and Empathetic

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One great way to attract good karma is to be understanding and empathetic. This means being less judgmental towards other people and doing one’s best to “put themselves in their shoes” or envisioning the self in the situation someone else is in. Being empathetic also means taking what others feel into consideration before decision-making, showing care and concern, and offering emotional support – especially in periods of trouble. By showing empathy and understanding towards others, there is the creation of positive energy that will be mirrored in the future by others as well.


One way to increase empathy towards others would be wearing jewelry with chalcedony, like a  Chalcedony Charm Necklace. Chalcedony is a gemstone known for promoting goodwill, camaraderie, and stability. It cleanses negative energy and removes feelings of hostility towards other people while balancing the mind, body, and soul. Chalcedony also heals the heart and promotes openness and fellowship amongst others.

Being Positive and Optimistic

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Another way to create good karma is by being positive and optimistic. Easier said than done, huh? It is a given that life is riddled with a lot of problems. The suffering and negativity people experience are also oftentimes a result of their own mindset and way of thinking. Being optimistic allows you to create a positive environment that will boost living – not only for yourself but for others too. This does not necessarily mean that you will ignore the negative things occurring in your life but rather, you take accountability and always do your best to look at the brighter side by remaining hopeful for a better tomorrow.


To increase positivity, wearing and using amethyst items like an  Amethyst Healing Bracelet will surely help. Amethyst is a stone known for its spiritual purification and cleansing, acting as a barrier against negative energy, geopathic stress, and unhealthy environments. It creates a shield of spiritual light upon its users and is exactly what those struggling to remain positive need to use. 

Being Loving and Compassionate 

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One of the best ways to create good karma is by being loving and compassionate. Similar to being empathic, increasing one's compassion and love for the self through self-care practices and being loving towards others, help in decreasing negative energy and increasing the good karma around you. Selflessness and compassion go a long way in developing constructive rather than destructive actions.


Constructive actions are those that showcase virtue in thought, word, and deed. These actions help purify negative karma in the long run, whereas negative actions opposite of love – such as hate – would be destructive and not help increase good karma.


To aid in increasing actions and feelings of love and kindheartedness, placing a  rose quartz crystal wand is beneficial in opening the heart to all forms of love. Whether it's romantic, familial, or platonic love, rose quartz helps clear chakra blockages, aids in attracting love, and increases feelings of self-love and peace. Rose quartz also clears any emotions that may inhibit love and compassion such as jealousy and resentment.

Final Thoughts

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Creating actions and invoking feelings of empathy, positivity, and compassion will help in the long run to boost your good karma. Wearing and using gemstones for each aspect will also help to better infuse the mind and the body towards good, constructive actions and feelings rather than negative ones that result in bad karma. Good karma extends not only to the self but also to others, and we must keep in mind that the things we do find ways to come back to us in the future.

Here at Inner Wisdom, we help you find ways to make the best of life and increase the harmony and good karma within you.



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