Tourmaline Crystal: Meaning, Properties and Uses

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Tourmaline is a powerful gemstone which was also called the “electric stone” back in the 18th century. It is the birthstone of those born in October and is traditionally given as a gift for an 8th wedding anniversary celebration. It is sought after not only for its beauty and usage as jewelry but also for its mystical elements and spiritual powers.

Tourmaline’s healing properties as a receptive stone are used by shamans, attracting soothing energies of wisdom and mysticism. In this blog post, we give you an in-depth look at the beautiful tourmaline stone and the benefits you can gain from using one.

Tourmaline Properties

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Physical Properties

Tourmaline comes from the Sinhalese word “turamali”, meaning “unknown gemstones of mixed colors”. True to its name which was given when it was found in Sri Lanka, tourmaline comes in a variety of hues that range from blues, yellows, pinks, and even brown and black. Its diverse color range is one of the reasons why tourmaline is inherently unique.

With a 7.0 to 7.5 rating on the Mohs Hardness Scale, tourmaline is ideal for everyday use in jewelry and other items because of its durability. The gemstone can be found around the world in countries such as the USA, Sri Lanka, Siberia, Nigeria, and Mozambique to name a few.

Metaphysical Properties

Tourmaline is a gemstone considered as the “gateway to the inner self”. As mentioned above, this gemstone comes in a diverse range of colors and thus each color has its own set of properties and usage:

  • Pink - for compassion and gentleness
  • Green - for rejuvenation and vitality
  • Yellow - for creativity and inventiveness
  • Red - for confidence 
  • Purple - for emotional attachments you wish to let go of

On a general note, however, tourmaline offers a strong calming effect to soothe the mind and the heart. Choosing specific colors also helps you better achieve your desired intentions and energy. Tourmaline enhances positive feelings and removes negativities such as insecurity, anger, and resentment, and magnifies emotions of happiness and serenity within your heart.

Chakra Properties

Because tourmaline comes in a variety of hues, it can mostly be used in enhancing the power of all chakras. However, the most notable usage of tourmaline would be clearing energy blockages and activating the heart chakra. This regulates a continuous connection between ourselves and the world around us – one example of this would be the green tourmaline.

A different color, such as the black tourmaline, would cater to the root chakra and ground you with your emotions by removing feelings of anxiety and transforming them to confidence and a stronger desire for spiritual healing.

Feng Shui Properties

Tourmaline is a gemstone known for balancing yin and yang energies. As discussed in one of our previous blog posts, it is important to keep a  good balance between your  masculine and  feminine energy to ensure that you are not leaning too much on only one specific strength or aspect of your well-being.

Aside from balancing, tourmaline also serves in feng shui as protection against negative energies, creating a protective shield that stops unwelcome energies from entering both your physical and spiritual body.

Tourmaline Benefits


One of the foremost benefits of tourmaline is its healings properties in both the physical and spiritual sense. Physically, tourmaline can help you by strengthening your nervous system and your heart. It can also enhance your energy and stamina, and reduce headaches, migraines, and other mild forms of pain. Using tourmaline can help you feel more revitalized and may even help with weight loss. Its protective properties also raise your immunity, making you less prone to illnesses.

On the other hand, tourmaline spiritually heals matters of the mind and of the heart. It helps in releasing emotional stress and aids in helping you move on from traumas or events that keep you rooted in pain and sadness. Tourmaline will help you acknowledge your feelings and also give you the strength to work through these emotions, healing your emotional wounds and allowing you to look forward to a brighter future.


Even though tourmaline is not a direct gemstone that attracts wealth, its healing properties do help attract the positivity needed to work better. Having control of your emotions allows you to work better as an employee, business owner, or even a student.

It invokes a stronger sense of determination, giving you the opportunity to be more motivated and driven towards your goals. Tourmaline will also help you become more informed of your needs and desires, and it will thus help you to be more financially involved and aware. 

How to Use

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Tourmaline is a very diverse gemstone that can be used in a number of ways:

  • Use tourmaline as an aid for meditation (black tourmaline in particular helps you feel grounded after an uplifting session of meditation or yoga).
  • Wear tourmaline as jewelry – be it in a necklace, ring, or even your earrings.
  • Carry tourmaline in your pocket or bag to always attract positivity wherever you go.

How to Take Care of Your Tourmaline Crystal

To take care of your tourmaline gemstone, make sure to store it in a place where it does not rub against other gemstones or harsh surfaces. Also be sure to avoid placing your gemstones in places under extreme temperatures such as areas that are too hot or too cold, as this may cause the gemstone to crack and fracture.

To clean the tourmaline, place the gemstone in a mild solution of water and dishwashing soap for 30 mins, before wiping it dry with a soft cloth.

The Powerful Gemstone

Tourmaline is a powerful gemstone of positivity and lightness. Its multi-colored nature makes it a diverse option that is perfect for all your needs. Its healing and protective properties provide a multitude of benefits that help you make your life better.

Whether you wish to become more positive, feel more grounded, or increase feelings of compassion for others, tourmaline is the perfect gemstone for you!


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