Rose Quartz Crystal: Meaning, Properties and Its Uses

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Rose Quartz is a famous form of quartz known for its pink shade. It is also referred to as Hyaline Quartz and is commonly associated with feelings of compassion and love.

You’ve probably seen and heard about the rose quartz crystal, but in this blog post, we will discuss why exactly it’s a famous stone of love and healing and other benefits you can get from using and having this gemstone.

    Origin and History

    Rose Quartz is a gemstone that has been used since ancient times, dating back to 800 BC, when it was used by Assyrians as jewelry. Around 7,000 B.C, Romans and Egyptians used this gemstone for face masks in order to prevent wrinkles, maintain a good complexion, and slow down aging.

    In modern times, rose quartz is used for jewelry, decoration, and tools for meditation. Its powerful healing properties extend to both the physical and emotional realm, with its rich hue symbolizing passion and regality.

    Rose Quartz Properties

    roze quartz crystal

    Physical Properties

    Rose Quartz is known for its pale pink glass look. Its name originates from the Greek word Hyalos which means glass. It belongs to the quartz family and features a glossy luster and can range from being smoky, cloudy, or as clear as water. Its colors range from a very light pink hue to shades of violet. Deeper pink rose quartz is referred to as strawberry rose quartz, whereas pale purple colored ones are referred to as lavender rose quartz.

    Rose Quartz can be found around the world in countries such as the United States, Germany, Sweden, and Australia among others. However, it is still one of the rarer forms of crystalline quartz and is thus a valuable gemstone to have. It is made mostly of silicon dioxide and is ranked a 7 at the Mohs scale of hardness – which means it is hard and is therefore perfect for use for both jewelry and items at home.

    Metaphysical Properties

    Rose quartz connects a person to divine feminine energy, carrying auras of compassion, peace, love, and kindness. Using rose quartz attracts unconditional love, and it especially helps those struggling with balancing love and kindness not only for themselves but for others. Motherly love is also enhanced with the rose quartz. Users of this gemstone are able to have a more caring and soothing aura that enhances the strength of the spirit.

    Chakra Properties

    Known as a powerful healing stone, rose quartz metaphysically benefits by connecting to a person’s heart chakra. It attracts unconditional love and heals blockages in the heart chakra – opening the person to love of all kinds whether from family, friends, romantic, or even for oneself.

    Blockages in the heart chakra often lead to negative emotions such as jealousy, anger, and self-doubt but rose quartz is able to heal it and connect the person to positive emotions. This helps you have better relationships with others.

    Feng Shui Properties

    Rose quartz represents the divine feminine energy known in feng shui as yin qi. It is popular in feng shui practice and to attract romantic love (especially for married couples), it is recommended to have rose quartz in altars in the bedroom.

    Aside from the bedroom, rose quartz may also be placed at the center of the home. The pink crystal’s healing properties will help in keeping an environment full of love and positivity for all family members.

    Rose Quartz Benefits

    Physical healing

    True to its connection to the heart chakra, rose quartz also physically benefits the heart by improving blood circulation and enhancing heart health. It helps prevent heart diseases and regulates the flow of blood in the circulatory system, keeping the body strong and healthy.

    The rose quartz’s deep feminine energy is also a powerful crystal for pregnancy, serving as a good protector of both the mother and the child inside the womb. Rose quartz also helps form deep connections of love, especially for new mothers as it radiates energies of love and motherly care.

    Emotional healing

    As mentioned before, rose quartz is a powerful healing stone. It is also called the Heart Stone because of its powerful connection to the heart chakra, eliminating negative emotions. Rose quartz is able to heal emotional wounds and traumas from painful past experiences and invite feelings of love and compassion – both for people around you and for yourself. This makes rose quartz a powerful stone for healing pain and sadness that have existed for a prolonged period of time.

    How to Use


    Keeping rose quartz close to the body, especially to the heart as a necklace or as earrings will help alleviate tensions and stress. It activates the heart chakra and opens the heart to optimism and good fortune. Rose quartz as jewelry is an easy way to attract an abundance of joy and self-love in everyday life.


    Five heart shaped pink quartz crystals

    Rose quartz wands are useful tools for meditation that clear energy blockages. The crystal helps in manifesting and setting intentions, especially those for lasting love and relationships, healing issues in relationships, and boosting feelings of empathy and understanding (especially towards others).

    How to Cleanse Rose Quartz

    Like other crystals, keeping your rose quartz unclouded is important. Ensure that it remains open in attracting energies of love and compassion by keeping it clean. The first way to cleanse your rose quartz and keep its healing nature is to place the stone or jewelry outside by your window when the moonlight is strong. This is because rose quartz has deeply feminine energy like the moon and placing it outside recharges the gemstone’s positive energy. 

    Energy buildup is also possible in crystals and clearing them is needed in order to return their normal humming vibrations. This is especially important for rose quartz after it has been used for a healing session. To do this, soak your rose quartz in a cup with three tablespoons of salt to keep its color pale and radiant.

    The Beauty of Rose Quartz

    Rose quartz is a powerful stone that heals both the body and heart. Using this crystal can help bring you feelings of love and compassion. Whether you use it as jewelry or home decor, it is sure to invite healing energies of unconditional love. 

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