Rainbow Obsidian Jewelry: Meaning, Properties & Benefits

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Rainbow obsidian is one of the five different types of obsidian used in jewelry. But how does it differ from your usual black obsidian stone? And why should you get a piece of jewelry made of this precious stone?

Below, find out what rainbow obsidian is. Discover the rainbow obsidian properties, meaning, and benefits that make this gemstone a must-have in your jewelry collection.


What is Rainbow Obsidian

Name Rainbow Obsidian
Stone Type Obsidian
Color Black, Iridescent
Uses Helps in finding the root cause of emotional distress
Physical Properties Quickly cooled lava with magnetite nanocrystals
Metaphysical Properties Reveals the real reason of your problems so you can resolve them
Healing Properties Aids in the body's detoxification process


Rainbow obsidian looks like your typical black stone at first glance. In fact, it shares the same general composition of a pure black obsidian. But the most striking difference is the bands of rainbow colors that appear when the stone is polished and exposed to bright light.

The bands of rainbow colors make this variant ideal for creating jewelry. Just take a look at this rainbow obsidian pendant.

Aside from its aesthetic, these gemstones are also being sought after for its spiritual meaning.


Rainbow Obsidian Meaning and Properties

rainbow obsidian properties

Rainbow Obsidian by Mila Zinkova

Just like its variants, rainbow obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass. This healing gemstone is formed when lava quickly cools down after a volcanic eruption. However, rainbow obsidian slightly differs from the other obsidian types in the following aspects:


Physical Properties

Rainbow obsidian is best known for its colorful sheen. When light is reflected off the stone, you’ll see lustrous layers of rainbow color on its surface. But what causes this splash of colors?

The rainbow-like luster is caused by impurities in the stone. Trace elements known as magnetite nanocrystals have formed inside the lava when it is cooling. The inclusion of these trace elements is responsible for the iridescent color in this obsidian type.


Metaphysical Properties

This variant is used to enhance clairvoyance. If you’re suffering from emotional distress, this stone reveals truths. This helps you find the real reason of your problems so you can resolve them.

Rainbow obsidian is also great for those who are in despair and are trapped within their own dark places. Acting as a bridge, this gemstone connects you to your inner self, bringing hope and light to the darkest regions of your mind.

As a stone of pleasure, it also brings enjoyment and gratification to its wearer. This stone lets you focus on positive and good things too.

Finally, rainbow obsidian is a powerful grounding and protective gemstone, just like the black obsidian. Wear a rainbow obsidian bracelet or other types of jewelry if you need to cleanse the negative energies around you.


Healing Properties

When it comes to physical healing, rainbow obsidian is believed to aid the body’s detoxification process. This healing stone is great for unclogging blockages in the body. It may also help in resolving issues related to the circulatory system and hardened arteries.

The said gemstone also helps manage addictions and eating disorders. The same goes for pains related to arthritis and cramps.


Rainbow Obsidian Benefits

rainbow obsidian benefits

Rainbow obsidian turned into jewelry

Wearing accessories made of rainbow obsidian can be beneficial in many ways. Here are some rainbow obsidian benefits that you might get when you put on one.

  • Health and Healing. As mentioned above, rainbow obsidian is great for emotional healing. It is also thought to aid in various physical conditions according to ancient beliefs.
  • Wealth. The energy present in this stone promotes openness to trying new things, say, a new business or career. As a stone of abundance, it helps you get rid of bad habits that hinder your financial growth.
  • Love and Relationships. If you’re suffering from a broken heart, this healing stone will aid you in moving forward with your past love. Its clairvoyant ability also helps you become more aware of your flaws, which lets you better manage relationships.


    Why Choose Rainbow Obsidian Jewelry

    Rainbow obsidian is a beautiful stone perfect for wearing as a pendant, bracelet, or ring. But more importantly, it’s a meaningful and powerful stone that can be beneficial to its wearer.

    Wear a piece of rainbow obsidian jewelry today if you want to enjoy its protective and healing powers.

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