What is Obsidian Jewelry: Meaning and Benefits

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What is obsidian jewelry?

Simply put, it is any bracelet, ring, necklace, or earring that’s made of an igneous rock called obsidian. This obsidian crystal formed from molten lava that has cooled quickly.

Obsidian crystals are known for their deep, smooth, glossy texture. That’s why they are often referred to as volcanic glass.

But more than its shiny luster, this piece of jewelry has a deeper meaning that dates back to prehistoric times.

Obsidian Jewelry Meaning

obsidian jewelry meaning

The use of obsidian as a material for jewelry may have begun as early as 1700 BC. This is when archaeologists Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter unearthed in 1910 the “The Necklace of Renisenib,” a necklace made of obsidian and gold.

Even before, ancient people believe that obsidian is a powerful protective talisman against negativity. This jewelry material is also a supportive and grounding amulet said to hold innate healing properties.

Obsidian Jewelry Benefits

obsidian jewelry benefits

Protection stone

Obsidian crystals are associated with protection. People use obsidian to absorb unwanted energy around them. This is why it became a popular practice to place obsidian stones at home and in the workplace, as well as wear it as a piece of jewelry.

Obsidian is also linked to the concept of light and dark. As such, it serves as a constant reminder that everyone has a good and bad side. It helps you identify your dark side—your bad side—to clear away negativity from others and yourself.

Supportive crystal

Holding the ability to reflect deep truths, obsidian stones are also used for scrying. With such power, this volcanic glass acts as a supportive crystal that imparts you the strength to deal with the realities it reflects.

Aside from that, this crystal also helps magnify the energy of other stones. Obsidian exudes a transformative vibe that boosts the powers of the stones around it.

Grounding energy

As a grounding stone, obsidian helps you keep a firm hold on in the earthly realm while meditating. This is because it is linked with the root chakra, the energy center that anchors you to earth. This secures your earthly connection and keeps you in touch with reality as you go on a deep, spiritual journey.

Using obsidian also reveals hidden truths deeply buried in the mind. It is so powerful that you can even explore past lives with an enhanced meditative state of mind. By doing so, you can build a spiritual connection and communicate with your spirit guide.

Healing properties

Obsidian is also a healing crystal that aids spiritual, physical, and emotional problems. It's potential to keep negativity at bay and keep you well-grounded helps strengthen your faith.

The volcanic glass also assists with recovery from shadow traits such as addiction and excessive behaviors. It also supports emotional healing by allowing you to realize and face deep truths.

Final Thoughts

Obsidian is a meaningful stone that offers plenty of benefits at an affordable price.

If you find yourself drawn to the intensity of this stone, you may be in need of protection, support, grounding, and healing in your life. So, don’t shy away from tapping into this stone’s innate potentials.

Wear a piece of obsidian jewelry and let its mysterious powers work for you.

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