Mahogany Obsidian Jewelry: Meaning, Properties & Benefits

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If you’re a fan of earthish bracelets, rings, or pendants, you’ll love a piece of mahogany obsidian jewelry. Accessories made from the said material resemble mahogany trees that give it its natural look.

But aside from appearance, mahogany obsidian pieces are also well-loved for its rich meaning and benefits. Below, let’s find out the mahogany obsidian properties that make this stone a must-have in your jewelry collection.



Mahogany obsidian is one of the five different types of obsidian. Although it’s the same volcanic glass, it looks different from the rest of its family. If pure obsidian is black in color, the mahogany variant features a reddish-brown appearance.

But what causes this unique look in this obsidian stone?



mahogany obsidian properties

The red, brownish look on this obsidian variant is caused by the presence of magnetite or oxidized hematite in the rock. These trace elements caused impurities as the lava quickly cools down.

Instead of turning into a pure black glass rock, the impurities make it a mix of colored mahogany brown or brick red stone on a dark surface. This is what makes the mahogany obsidian.

Aside from the impurities, this volcanic glass has the same general composition as its other variants.



Mahogany obsidian gives off gentler energy than black obsidian. The stone’s healing powers resonate with the earth, offering its wearer the mahogany obsidian benefits below.

As the stone of strength, a piece of mahogany obsidian jewelry gives you strength in times of need. It helps you connect to your root and sacral chakra points, stimulating strength, sexuality, creativity, and protection.

Wearing a mahogany obsidian also encourages growth at all levels. It strengthens a weak aura and releases you from your own inner limitations that restrict your personal growth. Once past such restrictions, you’ll learn that anything is possible if you’re willing to take the chance.

Just like the black obsidian, this variant makes a great protection stone too. It helps keep you safe from negativity from your surroundings as well as the ill-intentions directed toward you.

As a grounding stone, this volcanic glass heals you from unwanted memories that are causing negative energies. This stone frees you from memories of shame, humiliation, and abuse.

A piece of mahogany obsidian jewelry also revitalizes purpose in life. Carrying this stone reactivates your emotions so you’ll be able to “feel” again.



If you want to free yourself from restrictions that hinder your personal growth, a mahogany obsidian is your stone of choice. It’s a supportive and protective stone that gives you strength and protect you from negative energies. This obsidian variant will give you the strength you need to achieve personal growth.

Wear a mahogany obsidian jewelry to receive its energy and enjoy its benefits.

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What is price per caret of obsidian rock

What is price per caret of obsidian rock

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