How to Enhance Your Feminine Energy

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Are you too driven to the point that you feel stretched in all directions? Do stability and continuity feel weird to you? In our last blog post, we discussed the two types of feminine energy and how to enhance your masculine energy. This time around, we will discuss what can happen if you are masculine-dominant and ways to enhance your feminine energy. 

Striking a balance and attracting the other energy type is essential if you want more harmony within yourself and others. Creating balanced energy allows you to be one with the natural world and be at your best. Read on to learn more about the Greater and Lesser Yang.

Greater Yang

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The Greater Yang, the direct opposite of the Greater Yin, is characterized by a masculine dominant energy type. People of this energy are very goal-oriented and considered natural leaders and thinkers. The Greater Yang has a strong urge to always be on the grind or "hustling". They like to ensure that they, as well as others, remain productive. They are likely to be fast learners and have a strong sense of determination, drive, and will for success. Greater Yang people are always full of energy for growth.

However, too much of everything can cause damage. The Greater Yang’s zealous nature for development may sometimes cause more harm than good. Not everyone will have the Greater Yang’s energy for growth and success, and this may lead to disappointment in others. Because they often take the lion’s share of work, other people will not be as open to helping them. They would rather let the Greater Yang do things on their own out of fear of failure and distressing them. This results in this energy type often being overworked and spreading themselves too thinly for people while not getting the same in return.

Acceptance of dominance is one way to strengthen the Greater Yang energy. Another would be building stronger relationships with others and attaining mental peace and clarity. The use of amethyst, in particular, would help by enhancing the feminine energy of intuition, connection, and mental clarity. Using jewelry like an  amethyst bead bracelet would help activate the crown chakra aiding in awareness and intelligence. It helps purify negative energy, helping create harmony for the conflicts the Greater Yang may face.

Lesser Yang  

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The Lesser Yang is also a masculine-dominant type and is characterized by energy and passion. People of this energy type tend to be more active and dominant, but not as much as the Greater Yang. They are open-minded and have a knack for growing, learning, and exploring the world around them. People with Lesser Yang energy tend to look for the best in life. They seek adventure while trying to maintain a healthy work-life balance. This energy type is naturally curious, spontaneous, and finds that their interests lie in a myriad of things rather than one specific area.

However, as the saying goes, “Curiosity almost killed the cat”. With this energy type, too much curiosity may lead to instability. The Lesser Yang’s curious nature can cause them to be dissatisfied with things despite everything going great – as there is a constant need for change. Instability may plague this energy type, making them feel anxious and trapped in patterns because they find things “too peaceful”. They may feel stifled, leading them to create chaos to establish a sense of change. Because of this, others may view the Lesser Yang as inconsiderate and ungrateful.

A way to counteract these possible adversities is to develop more feminine tendencies for grounding and stillness. Wearing  jewelry with a hematite stone is recommended as it helps in grounding and protecting, encouraging constancy and focus (which the Lesser Yang may have difficulties with). It also stabilizes the Yin and Yang energy of the body, channeling power and emotion for a perfect balance between the body, mind, and spirit. 

Final Thoughts

Acknowledging the strengths of masculine-dominant energy types is vital. But also taking note of how feminine energy tendencies will help is optimal for a harmonious life. Considering the Greater Yang’s inclination towards overworking themselves and the Lesser Yang’s penchant for change, striking a balance between the Yin and Yang is the best. Encouraging feminine energy may be particularly helpful for those who already have well-ingrained masculine energy types. 

The use of moonstone items, such as jewelry like the  vintage moonstone ring, would help enhance overall feminine energy. The moonstone is said to have the feminine energy of the moon. This helps open the heart chakra, allowing a better connection of the wearer towards their feelings and promoting the balance of emotions and intuition. Regardless of being a Greater or Lesser Yang, the moonstone will help soothe the overly energetic and dominating aspects of the masculine energy through its healing and calming powers.

Now that we know both ways to enhance masculine and feminine energy, we will guide you in understanding how to balance both in the last part of this series. Watch out for our next blog post to unleash your capacity and achieve the best version of yourself!

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