Gold Sheen Obsidian Jewelry: Meaning, Properties & Benefits

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Known for its golden luster, a piece of gold sheen obsidian jewelry sure is an eye-catcher. This obsidian variant reveals its true beauty when polished and shined, making it a great material in jewelry making.

However, what makes this piece more valuable is its spiritual meaning. Below, find out about the gold sheen obsidian meaning, properties, and benefits that make it a worthy buy for jewelry enthusiasts.

What is Gold Sheen Obsidian

Also called golden obsidian, gold sheen obsidian is one of the five different types of obsidian. What makes it different from its family is the “sheen” on its black-colored base.

This sheen can either be golden or silvery. But what causes this stone’s shiny luster?

Gold Sheen Obsidian Properties

gold sheen obsidian properties

Gold sheen obsidian by Stan Celestian

Just like its obsidian variants, golden obsidian is a volcanic glass that formed after the lava from a volcanic eruption quickly cooled. But instead of forming a pure black stone, you’ll notice a shiny color being reflected on the surface of the stone.

The sheen on this volcanic glass rock is caused by the inclusion of trace elements when the stone is forming.

In the case of this variant, these trace elements are gas bubbles that remain from the lava flow. As the molten rock gets exposed to water and vaporized, tiny pockets of air are formed. These minuscule pockets result in the volcanic glass’ golden or silvery sheen.

Gold Sheen Obsidian Meaning and Benefits

Gold sheen obsidian radiates bright energy that is different than black obsidian. This energy helps with issues related to the will.

If you suffered from an abuse of power, this might hold you from using your own power with the fear of abusing it yourself. Wearing golden obsidian is believed to clear the negative effects of past abuses of power. The energy of this obsidian helps heal this wound so you can reclaim your power and path.

Aside from this, the stone also helps clarify true motivations. It also helps reveal unique skills and hidden talents to the world.

The metaphysical properties in golden obsidian also stimulate the solar plexus chakra. This allows you to align your energies with the Divine will. Doing so enhances your ability to manifest and create worldly success.

Furthermore, the golden obsidian is also popular for its scrying powers. This reflective ability of the stone allows you to understand yourself better, leading to your own personal growth.

As an obsidian variant, golden sheen makes a great protective and grounding stone too.

Why Choose Gold Sheen Obsidian Jewelry

The gold sheen obsidian spiritual meaning tells us that aligning with the Divine will help manifest all the best things we desire. Its bright energy helps us “see” better and understand ourselves.

Use this stone if you want to reclaim your power and your path. Wear a piece of gold sheen obsidian jewelry if you want to reap its many benefits.


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