6 Most Popular Feng Shui Crystal Bracelets to Improve Life

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Crystal bracelets aren’t only beautiful. They are also said to inspire various effects in the practice of feng shui.

If you love wearing meaningful crystal bracelets, we’ve got the list for you. Here, discover the most popular gemstones that can benefit your life when you wear them.

What Are Feng Shui Crystal Bracelets?

Crystal bracelets are widely used in feng shui because of their specific energy. Due to their vibrations, they are often worn to create good feng shui for the body energy.

These vibrations are said to improve the nine areas of life, including health, wealth, and love.

Below, find out which gemstone has the right frequencies to inspire the needed change in your life.

Top Crystal Bracelets in Feng Shui

Citrine Bracelet

citrine wealth bracelet

Worn for: Abundance, manifestation

Wear the citrine if you want to improve your wealth luck. The citrine stone is known as the “Merchant’s Stone” because it is believed to grant career, business, and work success to those who wear it.

This crystal is also considered a stone of manifestation. It is said that this citrine can store your intentions inside the stone and amplify them to turn them into reality.

Find citrine bracelets here.

Obsidian Bracelet

obsidian mani mantra bracelet

Worn for: Protection, truth-telling

Wear the obsidian stone if you need protection. This deep black crystal is known for its strong frequency that can absorb negative energy. That’s why it makes a popular protection charm against negativity, bad luck, and the ill intention of others.

Obsidian is also great for revealing truths. It is believed to cut through lies, facades, and illusions as it gives you the power of discernment.

Find obsidian bracelets here.

Tiger’s Eye Bracelet

tiger's eyey bracelet

Worn for: Clearing the mind, protection

Wear the tiger’s eye if you want to clear your mind. Just like the keen eyes of a tiger, this stone enables you to see through complex situations. Its energy helps focus the mind and balance emotions, thus promoting mental clarity.

As a protective stone, the watchful qualities of tiger’s eye also keep you safe from negative energies.

Find tiger’s eye bracelets here.

Jade Bracelet

jade feng shui crystal bracelets

Worn for: Healing, good luck

Wear the jadestone if you want to inspire healing. Over the centuries, jade has been used to create a serene feeling of harmony. It is believed to cast soothing energy that nurtures the body, thus, helping improve your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

The Chinese also believe that jade represents luck, wealth, and good fortune.

Find jade bracelets here.

Rose Quartz Bracelet

rose quartz bracelet

Worn for: Love

Wear the rose quartz if you want to attract romance. This pink crystal bracelet is the best gemstone for love because it is thought to possess certain vibrations that can affect emotions.

The stone is also associated with the heart chakra, which allows its wearer to open someone’s heart.

Find rose quartz bracelets here.

Hematite Bracelet

hematite feng shui crystal bracelets

Worn for: Grounding, protection

Wear hematite if you want to improve your focus. Hematite emits strong grounding energy, which you can feel when you hold the stone in your hand. It also inspires a calming effect that can help focus the mind of unnecessary clutter.

This stone also has protective properties to repel negative energies.

Find hematite bracelets here.

Final Words

Whether you want your accessories for the looks or the meaning, crystal bracelets are always a great choice.

Get yourself a nice crystal bracelet now!


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