All You Need to Know About Citrine Money Tree

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Have you been feeling stuck with your finances? Or maybe you’ve been having a hard time and feeling negative all the time?

Well, the Citrine Money Tree might just be the answer to all your money problems.

In this article, we discuss one of the best feng shui pieces you can put in your home to bring in money luck and prosperity.

The feng shui citrine money tree is a popular ornament known to attract wealth and abundance into your household.

Learn what it is, where it came from, its meaning, and the many benefits you can get from having one in your home.

Let us help you invite financial prosperity and fight the negativity away!

What is a Citrine Money Tree?

gold money tree

A citrine money tree is a special feng shui ornament made of natural citrine crystal. It is placed in homes and businesses or offices to attract wealth and abundance.

The beautiful piece has leaves made of natural citrine stones with a feng shui money bag at its base. Its stem and roots are made of carefully crafted twisted copper.

Throughout time, the natural citrine money tree has been used by households to provide money luck and drive away negativity and ill fortune.

Citrine is a gemstone known for bringing positivity and optimism while also bringing wealth to one's home.

On the other hand, the feng shui money bag seen at the base of the crystal money tree feng shui is also a powerful symbol of wealth. Originating in China, it is based on a small pouch usually made of red or gold silk and filled with coins.

These are considered auspicious symbols in Chinese tradition. The small written symbol on the money bag is the “fu”, which is the Chinese character for good fortune.

Many consider the feng shui money bag as a powerful activator of wealth energy.

How did the Money Tree originate?

The natural citrine money tree originates from a legend in China. According to the story, there was once a heavenly fairy named Shang Ziyie, who traveled to Earth intending to marry Chooi Wen Lui – a commoner from a small village.

Because they had very little money, the fairy decided to grow a magic tree that created coins. The tree provided for her family’s money needs and also helped other villagers when they gave it a shake.

From this legend, there have been many wish-fulfilling trees around Asian countries such as China or Hong Kong in real life.

Those who believe in the tree’s powers toss wishes written on red incantation papers at the tree together with juicy mandarin oranges. It is said that these “wish trees” will make their wishes come true.

Since ancient times, wish trees have been used as powerful symbols to summon wealth, better health, and maintain family harmony.

Many Chinese texts show that coins like that of Shang Ziyie grew from the branches of the wish tree and fell into a bountiful treasure bowl. This is the reason why people use the citrine money tree – in the hopes that, like the legend, it will provide abundance and fortune in their lives.

In modern times, small citrine wealth trees are used in homes and offices to invite riches and to encourage money to continuously flow and come.

Citrine Money Tree Meaning

The feng shui citrine money tree uses the powers of the citrine, the feng shui money bag, and the wishing tree symbolism.

Through these elements, it provides great positivity, and wealth-attracting energy to those who use it in their homes and businesses. The citrine money tree is thus a powerful symbol of wealth.

Tree Symbolism in Feng Shui

Aside from the legend of the wish tree we talked about earlier, trees in feng shui are generally symbols of luck.

Trees represent the vital wood qi, as well as growth, vitality, and life. The wood element is also associated with kindness, flexibility, and growth which are important for a balanced life.

The tree is also a symbol of good health. Trees are known to bear fruits that represent abundance and fruition. They give support to so many people and therefore bring bounties and plenties to the ones using and taking care of them.

The tree – with its roots buried into the deep ground of the Earth, its trunk above in the air, and its branches extending towards the sky – also symbolize a link between the Heavens and the Earth, which helps ground and stabilize a person.

Trees are also associated with life, fertility, and prosperity. They are seen as symbols of wisdom that provide knowledge and enlightenment.

They are also said to bring balance to the life force energy or chi, clearing blockages that may hinder prosperity and harmony.

Types of Gems for Money Tree and Their Meanings

There are many types of the real feng shui money tree and each one has a specific purpose. Depending on the gemstone used, each money tree gives different benefits.

Citrine money tree. The most common and famous form of crystal money tree feng shui is the citrine money tree.

It is made of natural feng shui citrine stone which is deep yellow gold in color and is known as the “stone of wealth”, the “merchant stone”, and the “success stone” due to its potent energy of attracting wealth into businesses and establishments.

Those who use it in their homes and offices invite success, affluence, and good fortune for the owner.

Citrine also helps clear negative energy, bringing balance to your chi that allows for more confidence and optimism.

Aquamarine gem tree. Another form of money tree uses aquamarine. Aquamarine can be identified through its beautiful blue-green color that ranges from light to dark shades.

Aside from bringing luck, an aquamarine money tree, unlike a real citrine money tree, is useful for bringing balance, stability, and physical and emotional regulation.

Aquamarine is useful for relieving stress and helps release good vibrations to soothe negative emotions. It clears confusion and allows for better self-expression.

Amethyst gem tree. Another famous type of gemstone money tree is one made of amethyst, which is a rich, deep purple colored stone.

Similar to the citrine money tree, amethyst is said to offer strong protection from negativities and evil spirits. It is considered a natural tranquilizer that helps offer spiritual wisdom and contentment to those surrounding it.

Using the amethyst money tree can help reduce anger, anxiety, and sadness.

Black tourmaline gem tree. This money tree is best for protection. Black tourmaline is known as a very protective stone.

It removes toxicity from the environment while also creating an energy barrier against negative energy.

It is also associated with the water element and therefore helps increase wisdom and allows for better communication with others.

Rose quartz gem tree. Known for its lovely pink color, the rose quartz tree is useful for inviting positive energies of love and compassion.

Rose quartz is known for inspiring love, healing, and releasing emotional blockages.

Use this gem tree if you would like to improve your relationship with yourself, your friends and family, and especially with your partner to invite emotional rejuvenation and affection.

What are the Citrine Money Tree Benefits?

The citrine money tree benefits are numerous and will surely help bring financial stability to you. Let’s take a quick look at each one:

1. Protection from negativity.

Aside from being the merchant’s stone, citrine is also considered the “happy stone” which removes negative energies and replaces them with positive feelings of joy, contentment, and happiness.

2. Invite wealth and abundance.

Citrine is considered the stone of wealth and has been used since ancient times to invite financial prosperity. Indeed, it is deemed to be a powerful feng shui cure for wealth.

Using the citrine money tree will allow you to attract businesses, money luck, and good fortune to your home or offices.

The powerful energy of the citrine will help the environment around it maintain an energy of everlasting profit and wealth retention.

3. Improve physical health.

Aside from the wealth-attracting property and positive energy of the citrine, the money tree can also help you with physical ailments.

Citrine helps keep your thyroid healthy, stimulates a healthy digestive system, aids better circulation, and keeps allergies and skin irritations at a low.

The citrine money tree may be especially helpful if you have difficulties with your menstrual cycle.

4. Increased creativity and confidence.

Citrine is known for being a highly positive and creative crystal.
It can clear the mind, providing clarity from stress and confusion. It also helps with boosting creativity and productivity.

Using the citrine money tree can provide you with more confidence to explore possibilities to your best potential.

5. Improve manifesting powers.

A key aspect of any feng shui charm or ornament is its ability to help you manifest your goals and desires.

This tree does not only attract positive energies of wealth, but it can also help you with your other goals.

Citrine is believed to be a manifesting crystal and placing the money tree in your home will help you manifest your other goals and desires.


How to Use the Money Tree

buddha statue inside of a stone circle

Now that you know the wonderful citrine tree benefits and citrine money tree meaning, it’s also important for you to know how to use it properly so you can get the best citrine money tree benefits.

Learn its proper placement and how to activate and clean it to maximize its powers:

Where to Place Citrine in the Home for Wealth

The citrine money tree can be placed in different locations depending on your needs.

To increase your general wealth at home and in your business endeavors, place it in your home or office’s wealth area.

You must put your tree in the southeast sector of your living room or your business office. This is the most powerful area of your home’s chi for prosperity and wealth.

To increase your business opportunities and career luck, you may also place the citrine money tree on the northwest side of your home or office. This will invite energies of prosperity and abundance.

If you wish to have it specifically for your career advancement, you may place it on your work desk to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Which Feng Shui Gem Tree to Use

The best feng shui gem tree will depend on your needs.

For example, if you want to invite feelings of peace, calmness, and serenity then it is best to get an amethyst gem tree.

On the other hand, if you wish to invite luck in love and prosperity into your relationships then a rose quartz gem tree is your choice.

However, our best recommendation for attracting not just wealth energy, but also protection and positivity, is the feng shui citrine money tree.

The real citrine money tree has all that you need to increase your financial stability, improve your physical health, and attract good vibrations and energy.

How to Activate the Money Tree’s Powers

Displaying your citrine tree will already increase the good energy in your home or office. However, there are also ways to increase its wealth-attracting properties through activation.

1. Set an intention. The citrine money tree is already a powerful ornament for positivity and money luck. However, it’s equally important that the money tree knows exactly what you wish for so it can help you achieve that goal.
You can do these by saying mantras such as “I attract wealth, good health, and positivity” daily to manifest your intentions.

2. Cleanse your citrine money tree. It is important to cleanse your tree on a spiritual and physical basis to clear it from negative energy.
This will allow your citrine money tree to absorb the positive energy it needs to help you attract wealth and abundance.

3. Meditate with your citrine money tree. Citrine is one of the best crystals for meditation because its yellow gold color immediately provides you with a sense of calmness and positive energy.
Meditating with your feng shui tree will help clear confusion and anxiety in your mind.

To do this, remember to first cleanse your money tree to remove excess energy. Sit down, close your eyes, and visualize your goals while taking deep breaths.

Cleansing The Crystal Money Tree Feng Shui

One of the ways to activate your citrine money tree is to make sure that it is properly cleansed both in a physical and spiritual manner.

To cleanse your feng shui ornament physically, wipe it with a soft cloth and make sure that it is always dust free.

Also, avoid placing your citrine money tree under direct sunlight as citrine stones are sensitive to sunlight and this may cause damage over time.

To cleanse it spiritually, you may do so in several ways. The first one is through moonlight cleansing.

Simply place your tree under the moonlight by a window overnight. The moon’s natural power and energy will help cleanse the negativities absorbed by the tree.

Another way is through sage cleansing. This can be done by burning sage and letting the smoke seep through the money tree. Sage cleansing promotes healing and also clears negative energy.

The same goes for using a Tibetan cleansing bowl. The sound vibrations from the bowl clear away excess energy that may be blocking your citrine tree’s powers.

Feng Shui Tips for Money Tree

After learning the amazing citrine tree benefits and how to properly care for it, here are some feng shui tips that will further help you enhance its wealth-attracting properties:
  1. If you wish to specifically enhance your luck in your education and studies, place your citrine money tree in the Northeast corner of your bedroom.

  2. If you wish to enhance your family relations and create a stronger bond, place your tree in the center of the main family room. This will improve the harmony and bond between the household as well as attract financial prosperity into the home.

  3. If you wish to enhance the money tree’s wealth-attracting powers, you may place gold or silver coins to your tree’s base or around it in auspicious numbers of 8 or 9. This will help it attract more wealth to the household.

Getting Your Own Real Citrine Money Tree

It’s always important that you get your feng shui ornaments from a reliable source.

There are many fake citrine money trees, and using these will not give you positive wealth-attracting citrine tree benefits.

To do this, check if your citrine stones have bubbles. Natural ones do not have bubbles, and even a single bubble inside the stone may show that it’s not genuine.

To make sure you don’t have to worry about the legitimacy of your natural citrine money tree, get it from a trusted source.

Here at Inner Wisdom, we provide you with authentic feng shui jewelry and ornaments that will help you with your energy practice.

As a trusted guide and supplier of feng shui cures and charms, we help you find carefully crafted hand-picked items that promote healing, invite abundance, offer protection, and inspire love.

Check out some reviews of our verified customers to see their satisfaction with our citrine money tree:

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I got mine today and I’m so amazed how beautiful this citrine money tree is. It came in well packed and in good condition. It looks exactly as the picture. Hoping it will bring me good luck too.” -Marj

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Final Thoughts

The citrine money tree is one of the best feng shui ornaments you can get for protection, positivity, and wealth attraction.

It is not only very beautiful to display in your living room, office, or desk, but it will also provide you with money luck and abundance.

Get your citrine money tree today and watch the abundance come to you and into your home!

Make sure to remember our tips and steps on how to take care of your money tree so that you too can unleash its full potential!


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