Boost Your Career And Business In 2022 With These Feng Shui Tips

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In our previous blog post, we discussed some tips on how to find love this coming new year. However, we understand that not everyone is looking for love. Some of us just want to get hired in our dream job, earn a promotion, or keep our business alive and kicking.

If you’re aiming for one of those, then you’ve come to the right place! Read on as we list down some feng shui tips that can help you get the luck you need with your business and career this 2022.


Use Feng Shui Items

Feng Shui Gem Tree

    Have you heard of a money tree? Cool stuff, right? But have you heard of a Feng Shui Gem Tree? Now that is even cooler.

    Gem trees or crystal trees are traditionally used as enhancers in feng shui. Like most feng shui items, it helps bring in positive energy and create a harmonious flow of life force energy or chi when placed in homes or offices.

    With the many kinds of crystals used for a feng shui tree, it’s important to know what benefits each one gives. Crystals have unique vibrations that attract certain energies when placed in spaces. A jade crystal tree is often used for enhancing the health area, rose quartz is used for love, and a citrine money tree helps bring in wealth.

    citrine money tree

    For business owners, it’s recommended to put a citrine money tree in your office. Place it in the Southeast area of your home or room to attract wealth and abundance.

    Learn more about the benefits and correct placement of feng shui trees here.

    Dragon Items

      Known as a long-time symbol of power, success, and wealth, the dragon is a legendary beast in feng shui. It attracts positive energies and brings financial abundance and career growth opportunities into your life.

      The dragon is one of the best mythical creatures believed to have immense power to bring good luck to your home, business, or office. That’s why there are a lot of different items made with its images such as metal figures, accessories, crystal spheres, and more.

      Our Prosperity Dragon Crystal Sphere is a great example of a dragon sphere that not only attracts good fortune but is an eye-catching display too. Place one in your home facing any source of water as it is said to boost the water’s wealth, prosperity, and opportunity.

       Prosperity Dragon Crystal Sphere

      Wealth Bracelet

        Would you rather have your good luck charm with you wherever you go than just have it in your home or office? Then a Red Agate Pixiu Piyao Bracelet is an awesome feng shui item for you!

        Pixiu or Piyao is a hybrid of the powerful mythical dragon. It is recognized as a creature of prosperity in Chinese folklore as it is said to devour all the riches in the world and keep them forever. Together with the red agate stone, this bracelet can help you attract wealth and luck.

        The red agate is said to promote clarity of mind, helping you make important decisions especially when it comes to your career or business. Wear this bracelet on your receiving hand (left) and activate its power to enhance your life.

         red agate pixiu bracelet


        Put Green Plants In Your Office

        Feng Shui suggests placing green plants in one’s workspace. Whether you work at home or in the office, placing a plant in front of your table brings positive energy to a dull area.

        Having plants in your workspace allows you to work better, increasing creative work and productivity with the good energy it attracts. It’s also said to boost one’s health and improve your working conditions.

        When choosing a plant to place in your office, use real ones and avoid cactuses or any plants with thorns, sharp-edged leaves, or too many flowers. Having fake plants may seem enticing because of the aesthetics without the responsibility of taking care of a living thing. However, this could only attract negative energy or even drag your mood and self-esteem.

        Place Crystals On Your Desk’s Right-hand Corner

        Crystals have always been recognized to attract a great flow of energy that brings in positivity, good luck, and good fortune.

        Place crystals like Tourmaline or Clear Quartz on the right-hand corner of your work desk. By doing this, you’re fighting off stressful energies at work. It also reduces your chances of being conned by people who have no good intentions, while bringing in positive energy and assisting you with work.

        Tourmaline, specifically a black one, improves one’s career and helps bring more clarity to your path in life.

        Clear Quartz is a fantastic stone to place in one’s office area as it inspires healing, promotes clarity, manifests desires, and cleanses energy.

        As healing crystals deal with negative energy all the time, their acquired toxic vibrations eventually make them heavy and dull. This is why you need to cleanse them with clear quartz. This gemstone recharges other crystals, helping bring them back to their natural state.

         clear quartz crystal

        Find A Career That Matches Your Element

        Do you know what your Chinese zodiac sign is? It’s one thing to discover what zodiac animal you are, but it’s fascinating when you find out what kind of job matches you.

        In Chinese astrology, your sign is derived from your date and year of birth. There are 12 animals assigned for each zodiac and each of them is categorized under the five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.

        What are the zodiac animals and what are their elements?

        1. Rat – Water
        2. Ox – Earth
        3. Tiger – Wood
        4. Rabbit – Wood
        5. Dragon – Earth
        6. Snake – Fire
        7. Horse – Fire
        8. Sheep / Goat – Earth
        9. Monkey – Metal
        10. Rooster – Metal
        11. Dog – Earth
        12. Pig – Water

        What do the elements represent?

        In Chinese studies, it is believed that certain jobs and lifestyles complement each of the five elements. Attaining a job in the line of work that matches your element can help you be more successful and happier in your career.

        Wood Element

        • The work that involves natural organisms like plants or animals, or work where you can express your creative and spiritual side. A job or business that symbolizes a graceful tree freely extending its branches, leaves, and flowers.
        • Farming, Biology, Gardening, Book or Magazine Publishing, Bookstore, Art Gallery, Design (interior and exterior, fashion, art, web, cartoon and animation, illustration, software, and more), Religion and Culture, Psychiatry, etc.

        Fire Element

          • Work that involves heat or light.
          • Gas or Oil Company, Cooking, Restaurant, Lighting, Photography, Electric Engineering, Electronics and Computers, Porcelain or Glass Making, Firearms or Fireworks, etc.

          Earth Element

            • Work that involves earth, land, rock, minerals, and soil.
            • Civil Engineering, Mining, Real Estate, Landscaping, Interior/Exterior Design, Biochemist, Environmental Engineering, Raising Livestock, Sports (Track and Field, Rock Climbing), etc.

            Metal Element

            • Work that involves metal, financial management (the Chinese word for gold is a synonym of the word for money). A career where there’s a noisy environment due to moving metal or one where heavy electric machines are used.
            • Mechanical Engineering, Health Care Equipment, Transportation Equipment (bicycles, vehicles, ships, etc.), Technician, Computer Hardware, Military or Security, Financial Industry (banking, stock trading, investments, etc.)

             Water Element

              • Work that involves water or other fluids, or people and goods that come and go like the flow of water or waves.
              • Water or Beverage Businesses, Chemical Engineering, Education, Travel, Laundry, Medicine and Health Care, Fishing, Online Businesses, Human Resources, etc.

              Make Your Hard Work Worth It

              With our efforts to maintain a business or keep a job, it’s typical to dream of achieving bigger things like more sales or promotion.

              Don’t let any of your hard work go to waste! Whether you’re a student who did your best in studying to get your dream job, a loyal employee who has been in the company for years, or a small business owner hoping to make it big, these feng shui tips will help you attract all the luck you need this 2022!

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