What Makes an Authentic Tibetan Bracelet?

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An authentic Tibetan bracelet is charged with a powerful mantra while being handmade by Buddhist monks. The monks recite a mantra while tying the bracelet to bless it with positive energy, thus, making it a charm for luck.



Today, you can find many bracelets in the market claiming they are handwoven and blessed by Tibetan monks. However, many of them were mass-produced and are sold as real handmade Buddhist bracelets. But in reality, they are not authentic.

A fake Buddhist good luck bracelet won’t serve its purpose. Don’t fall for this trick.

A real Tibetan bracelet is only made by an authentic Buddhist monk.


About Real Tibetan Bracelet

Bracelets made by Tibetan monks are constantly associated with good luck.

When worn, the knot bracelet is said to empower its wearer with positive energy that brings good fortune and protection. But what makes this bracelet a potent luck charm?

The power of this amulet originates from the creation of the bracelet.

Tibetan bracelets are usually made of red string, which is tied by Buddhist monks. They tie the knots while repeatedly reciting sacred words. These sacred words are known as a mantra.

The word mantra comes from the Sanskrit terms manas, which means mind, and tra, which means tool. It literally means a “tool for the mind.”

When chanted, mantras create powerful vibrations that have a positive effect on a person’s will. This is what gives a real Tibetan bracelet power to promote luck and protection.

Without real Tibetan monks chanting a mantra, a handmade bracelet won’t have the vibrations that give the charm its sacred meaning. This makes it just a normal bracelet.

Hence, you need to find a true Buddhist lucky bracelet blessed with sacred words if you want to see its effects.


Wear Only Genuine Buddhist Lucky Bracelet

Only authentic Tibetan jewelry can inspire good luck and protection to its wearer. Watch out for imitation monk bracelets pretending to be the real deal.

At Inner Wisdom Store, we ensure that our Buddhist good luck bracelets are handmade by Tibetan monks and are imbued with powerful mantras. Grab your red Buddhist bracelet today!


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Nichelle Nicholas

Nichelle Nicholas

I absolutely love my bracelet, I have received numerous compliments on it. Would recommend to anyone. It is by far 100% authentic.

I absolutely love my bracelet, I have received numerous compliments on it. Would recommend to anyone. It is by far 100% authentic.

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